Elnara Naghiyeva
Corporate Finance Manager at BAT
Full-time MBA (2021-22)

I have always looked at challenges as steppingstones. I believe that by overcoming challenges we grow, becoming more resilient and courageous in process.

When I couldn’t find anything that would challenge me at work, after 10 years full of all kinds of obstacles (and opportunities), I decided it was time to look beyond my current workplace.

As a wife and mother, it was not easy to decide my next step and how I could pursue it without affecting my family.

An MBA was a natural choice for me as I believed it would provide a unique opportunity to achieve personal, academic, and professional growth. Thanks to endless support from my family and my employer, my adventure started.

I was pleased to find that the Warwick Business School (WBS) MBA offered everything I had hoped for and more. It has done this in several ways:

  • The core modules  include world-class learning in crucial business areas, such as Corporate Strategy, Marketing and Finance that are essential to my career aspirations
  • The breadth of experience available from my peers on the programme is wonderfully diverse and provides an opportunity to profit from exceptional expertise from all over the world
  • Course assignments have been intellectually stimulating and encouraged me to seek additional information outside of the class by interacting with other students, speaking with employers, and using Warwick University’s superb library
  • The elective modules offer students the chance to customise the MBA programme, so that the experience can be designed around future career aspirations and goals
  • The CareersPlus team have been a superb resource that offer unparalleled training and support in networking effectively with industry leaders, global companies, and an incredibly rich alumni network
  • In addition to benefiting from the wealth of experience from my peers, I have established strong friendships with the other students. Being far from home it has been uplifting to share the experience with my friends in similar positions. It is these friendships that give enhance the experience of the MBA programme and help to bring out social qualities in the group.

Studying at WBS has been academically challenging, particularly for me as I have not been in academia for over a decade, focusing instead on a career in FMCG. However, the MBA so far has provided an opportunity to reflect on the last ten years of my career and the wider industry, encouraging me to question strategic choices made by my company and others and identify possible alternatives

I am looking forward to the next six months, in which the elective modules start, the dissertation period begins and the international study trips take place!

I can say with confidence, this has been one of the most rewarding steppingstones to date.