Emrah Bingol
Managing Consultant at LogiKal
Full-time MBA (2018-19)

I have long been interested in receiving an MBA degree and have been researching programmes all over the world. I wanted to expand my horizons, network with different professionals from different cultures, understand their business cultures, and improve my business acumen as a result. To this purpose, I have contacted many business schools all over Europe and was frankly very impressed by many of them. However, Warwick Business School grabbed my interest, and remained at the top of my shortlist from the early stages of my research, due to its progressive education style, professors who are acknowledged experts in their field, its continuous rise in the rankings, and a high cost-to-benefit ratio.

8 months through my MBA education, I am delighted to say that I already feel the benefits of being a Warwick student, having connected with various Warwick alumni, and consulted with them about a variety of subjects including future job opportunities, developments in politics, different industries, and economies, or a general chat about their daily life. Having access to Warwick community is not the only benefit of an MBA degree however, through my education, I have studied with 110 fellow MBA candidates, who come from different countries, professions, and life experiences. I am humbled and delighted to be a part of this diverse cohort, and to learn and grow, not only as a professional but also as a person, during my education.

The academic aspect of my MBA education has been a perspective altering one as well. I have joined my MBA education having experienced how the traditional models on leadership and teamwork work. I have seen projects move on-time and on-budget with a strong, dominating and experienced leader at the helm, a tall hierarchic structure, associated control systems, and I have long aspired to become such a leader. However, with the help of modules such as Leadership+ I have come to understand the importance and the value of inclusion, sharing and socialising. I am confident to state that the one of the biggest lessons I learned is the knowledge that alternative management models, where all these personal values have a place in, are available, and it is the task of the leader to set the tone and make sure the correct model is used according to context, and the inclusion of all team members is provided.

As I move closer and closer to the end of my challenging and inspiring education in WBS, I believe that I now have the purpose to help our global business style adapt and evolve to the technological and social changes which are on the horizon and are inevitable. I aspire to be a leader in transformation and support the change of more traditional industries, to be able to implement developing technologies and social synergies better. I believe that through accurate analysis of costs and benefits of this transformation, top management support (which is crucial for any innovation) can be achieved. I want to combine my prior experience with my newly acquired vision to help implement this change.