Ingrid Nylander
Head of Product Management
Distance Learning MBA (2022-2026)

I work as a product manager in software, a strategic role that involves identifying, validating, and delivering on a product strategy to solve customer problems. While often closely connected to technical development teams it requires a lot of general business knowledge to understand not just the problem faced by customers and how a solution best fits into their daily business lives, but also how it fits into my own organisation’s strategic goals and processes. After 13 years in the industry, I felt it was time to formalise and build on the business knowledge I have picked up on so far to become better at what I do or potentially move into a new career.

As someone who learns best when I get to apply new knowledge in real life, and when I can consume learning material in my own time, a part-time, online program seemed the best option. Working mainly with and for international companies across a range of industries, a diverse cohort was important to me too.

After researching the business schools out there the Distance Learning MBA team at Warwick Business School seemed to have put the most thought into creating an online experience that still incorporates the social benefits of traditional study formats, attracts students from all over the world and from a range of industries, but also would allow me to study in a way that suits my learning style best.

So far, I have experienced just that! Every activity in the program and every conversation with fellow students teaches me something new or helps me see things in a new perspective, I feel connected to my fellow students despite the distances and being able to study when it suits me and around my current job means I’m learning so much more. I’m confident that at the end of the program I will not only be a stronger product manager but also have skills applicable to a range of other careers, leaving me with plenty of career possibilities for the future.