Jaclyn Anderson
Head of Strategic Change at Quilter Cheviot Ltd
Distance Learning MBA (2018-20)

Studying an MBA was my way of making a commitment to invest in myself again! I have connections with other London based MBA providers and it would have been easier (and perhaps more convenient) to go with one of them; however, Warwick stood out for me because of the way they integrated technology into the learning environment and the culture and values they portrayed. Perhaps I was a victim of strong marketing, but their slogan “For the Change Makers” really connected with me at the point of making my decision to pursue my MBA and start my business. Ultimately, I chose WBS for the flexibility that the distance learning programme allowed me – juggling a full-time job, starting my business and looking after my three kids meant my studies were last on the time-allocation priority list.

The breadth of the modules and the depth of their content has provided a better understanding of a number of new disciplines which has been very helpful in my current role. The combination of on-campus learning (Warwick Weeks), online modules, textbooks and face-to-face learning at overseas locations offers a truly rounded learning experience. I was also able to do my Organisational Behaviour module in Singapore which was fantastic!  

I was also fortunate to have a wonderfully social cohort. Before we even attended our induction various social media groups had been established and regular London meet-ups were in the diary. Many of the modules require team work submissions which can be very challenging; however, I learnt so much about myself through those experiences, particularly around how to foster an environment for collaboration in short timescales, different time zones, different first languages and under pressure.

I started the MBA because I wanted to challenge myself again - I felt a restless need for change and my MBA journey was to help me shape what that change would be.  The MBA has given me a broader knowledge base to draw on which has helped grow my confidence and also my interest in areas I didn’t expect which has opened new doors for me. It’s prompted me to question why I am the way I am, what type of a leader I am, how I can perform well in teams and to not be afraid of exploring new avenues. A lot of that learning was not in the course module, but it was through the interaction with individuals, staff and groups in my cohort that it developed, and I’m so grateful for the experience. I’m excited about the future and feel like I am better prepared to walk the path that I’m on - wherever it may lead.