Julian Flemming
Group Head of Digital Transformation at Mediclinic Internationa
Distance Learning MBA (2018-20)

If you are interested in an MBA that is both challenging, but manages to find the sweet spot in terms of work and life balance, I would highly recommend the Distance Learning MBA from Warwick Business School – it has changed my life, and maybe it will change yours too!

I am a medical doctor, with experience and qualifications in emergency medicine and health informatics. My career has spanned clinical and non-clinical work, with time spent in the public and private environments. My interest is in data science and “consumable analytics” that make health information easy to understand for anyone working in the industry.

Deciding to undertake an MBA is a daunting experience, both financially and from a work: life balance perspective, so understanding what is offered by institutions is very important. In addition, to maximise the investment in yourself, choosing a Business School that is highly rated internationally and exposes you to a variety of lecturers and students cannot be underestimated.

Choosing Warwick Business School was a great choice. Knowing that I was doing a course based in another country mandated that I choose a school that has experience in distance learning and offers a complete experience, with both contact and online material.

The workload is challenging, but very possible, and the benefit of it being online means that I can structure my timetable around my life and work commitments making me more likely to succeed in the course.

To say that the MBA has had an effect on my life would be a profound understatement. From the starting modules (leadership and operations management), I have been able to apply what I have learned directly to my personal and professional life, improving my confidence and performance almost immediately. The supportive team at WBS is amazing, and they take the time to listen to you and take your suggestions seriously. The contact weeks are a great way to meet your online colleagues and I have made some great friends from all around the world through these modules.

So, if the question is – Is it worth it? The answer for me has to be YES! Within eight months of starting the MBA, I have been appointed in a senior management position in a large multinational hospital group, and used several of the modules learnings in my interview, which I think increased my interview presentation skills significantly.