Kaitlin Ha
Full-time MBA (2022-23)

Tell us a bit about yourself

I come from a background of academic research in the biological sciences and switched back into technology. I love building things, mentoring younger individuals, and learning. I enjoy playing video games, free-writing, and reading when I am not constantly working.

What first attracted you to Warwick Business School?

The resources and guidance they provide throughout the program drew me to WBS. I found the value in those services/resources along with the values of the school matched mine.

Why did you ultimately choose Warwick Business School for your MBA?

They welcomed me very quickly and made sure I was taken care of even if I was looking at other schools.

What elements of the programme do you value the most and why? 

I value the knowledge from the modules and the real-world experiences help balance the academic work.  The careers team and employment relations team gave the most value with their assistance in looking for careers and networking.

What is it like studying for an MBA?

It is quite intense, lots of work, networking, workshops, and change. It is constantly moving and makes time move quickly. It has its ups and downs and really challenges you. It gives you a sense of achievement.

What kind of support have you received from the careers team? How has it helped you?

The careers team have been incredibly supportive every step of the way. They have helped me with keeping an open mind, working on my CV/CL, preparing for interviews, and general guidance while going through a huge shift. They keep me motivated and on track.

Do you have any advice for anyone currently thinking about studying for an MBA?

My advice is really managing your time wisely. The course is intense and challenging. Keep an open mind and be curious, there are plenty of things that happen that may not be ideal, but you can always take something away from it.