Kathryn Moser
Language Services Consultant
Distance Learning MBA (2022 - 2024)

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 37 and to date, I’ve worked in the banking, fitness and language services industries in various roles – in London, Sydney and Zurich. I have three young boys and we currently live in Zug, Switzerland. I am passionate about good food, health and fitness, and Arsenal FC.

What first attracted you to Warwick Business School?

Its place at the top of the FT’s distance-learning MBA rankings.

Why did you ultimately choose Warwick Business School for your MBA?

The professionalism and responsiveness of the MBA team throughout the application process. The course content and structure. And the positive testimonials from current and former students.

What elements of the programme do you value the most and why?

The content of the modules: they are taught in a way that focuses on real-world application. You study each module for just a few weeks, but the quality and quantity of the content you cover in that time is enough to give you a deep understanding of each topic.

What is it like studying for an MBA?

Challenging. Exciting. Eye-opening. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Tell us about the community at Warwick Business School.

My cohort is great. There is a huge diversity of people from different personal and professional backgrounds: this makes for great cognitive diversity and interesting dialogue. Everyone is friendly, respectful, and supportive of each other.

Has the Leadership module had an impact on your leadership style? If so, in what way?

Yes. The Spotlight profile was fascinating. It has helped me identify, understand and work better with people who may have different preferences from mine. So I guess it’s also made me a more empathetic and understanding leader.

What kind of support have you received from the careers team? How has it helped you?

It was helpful to speak to someone from the careers team about my plan for starting my own business. To have someone impartial with which to discuss my reservations and get some concrete feedback on the next steps was valuable.

Can you tell us about your career plans? What’s next for you?

I hoped to equip myself with the core skills I’d need to successfully launch and run my own business – notably bolstering my knowledge of areas in which I’ve had less experience, such as accountancy and marketing. I also hoped to meet some interesting people and have some stimulating conversations. I have most certainly gotten all these things.

How did you find the work/life balance?

The fast pace motivates me. Some modules require more work than others (based on whether I have prior experience in them), but overall, it has been manageable, and my kids have not complained that I’m not around enough!

Do you have any advice for anyone currently thinking about studying for an MBA?

I think it’s important to really evaluate what your motivations are for doing it. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of people that do an MBA just to get a salary bump at the end of it: it’s a lot of work and I think if you want to get the most out of it (both in terms of academic success and engaging with your cohort) then you need to be intrinsically motivated.

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