Kelly Burman
Principal Consultant at PA Consulting
Distance Learning MBA (2021-23)

I had wanted to do an MBA for a while but it had to be the right one. I researched different schools and eventually decided on Warwick Business School because it was ranked the top distance learning MBA in the UK. This suited me as I have a full time job and 2 very young children but I didn’t want to compromise on quality of teaching and materials. Committing to an MBA is expensive and very time-consuming so I had to know that it would be worth it! Fortunately I haven’t been disappointed. 

My main motivation to study for an MBA was to learn. There is so much opportunity out there that I wanted to be able to explore new options and learn more about areas that I would otherwise never have been exposed to, such as accounting and economics. Even though I’ve been in Leadership positions most of my adult life, even teaching it, I still found the Leadership module fascinating; challenging long-standing perspectives I had. 

Trying to juggle my work and home life has been challenging and I am constantly trying to fit in reading when I can. However, the fact the the content is interesting and thought-provoking makes it feel more enjoyable than I would have expected.

If there is anyone out considering whether to do an MBA at WBS then I would genuinely recommend it. The work is hard but rewarding and the people from all around the world that you meet on your MBA  journey will be friends for life. It will open your eyes to opportunities and knowledge you would never otherwise have.