Luke Baldwin
Introducing Broker at Argentex Group PLC
Distance Learning MBA (2019-21) (now Global Online MBA)

I am currently studying the Distance Learning MBA at Warwick Business School alongside playing full-time professional rugby in the Gallagher Premiership for Worcester Warriors.

I was first attracted to WBS thanks to its glowing reputation. My reason for choosing the Distance Learning at Warwick ultimately came down to it being the top-ranked Distance Learning MBA in the world. I feel that this creates an environment that strives for the best results, which aligns with my own personal ethos to always give my very best.

The study material gives me an opportunity to explore and learn about subjects that I am not well versed in, as well as get to know people from across the world, and appreciate different learning styles and points of view, which is something that gives me great value. Life is about relationships, and the global platform of the Distance Learning MBA allows me to develop relationships with people who I may never have otherwise encountered.

Studying for an MBA has been very challenging alongside my training schedule. However, this is a challenge I relish because it has meant that I can push myself from an intellectual standpoint, as well as continue in my personal development.

The WBS community has been very welcoming. My cohort are a diverse group of individuals and it has been fascinating to find out about differing personal stories and what drives different people. My assignment group has been excellent and I feel that I will stay in touch with them well past the end of my studying at WBS.

The leadership module has not necessarily affected my own leadership style, but has given me a greater depth of understanding from the point of view of other leaders and people that I work with. I hope that this means that I am better able to understand them and remain open minded to differences.

My rugby career has a number of years left but I am hopeful that the completion of the Distance Learning MBA will stand me in good stead for my transition into the ‘real world’. I would like to have a meaningful impact on a business organisation both from a leadership and sustainability standpoint. I want to create a working environment where people can challenge themselves, achieve results and above all, enjoy their work place.

The Distance Learning MBA is very intense from a study perspective, but has been broken down effectively enough that it is manageable. The staff are very helpful in coming up with solutions if problems do arise, which makes the whole process far easier to deal with.

My advice to anyone thinking of doing the Distance Learning MBA would be that it is worth considering if you want to develop your academic and interpersonal skills. It is worth doing if you want to build relationships with a diverse group of individuals with the ultimate goal of improving yourself as a person.