Martin Solway
Co-Founder and Director The Audax Generation
Executive MBA (2018-20)

If you can, come into the MBA with some goals that you want to achieve. There is a wealth of resources and opportunities to undertake while on your MBA, so you can start to really utilise what makes sense for your own ambitions.

They will probably change as you explore yourself and inquire about opportunities you never knew existed but that for me has been very rewarding and I can start to see a clear plan on what the next part of my life looks like and how it is completely in my control to shape.

I was told before joining the programme by others who have done an MBA, that it would be a life changing experience, giving you a new outlook on and how to approach business and be a more effective leader. Going in, although very much an optimist, I took this guidance with a grain of salt, not really knowing what to expect and anxious that after eighteen years outside of education, I would struggle.

The anxiety quickly left after the first morning, overtaken by real enjoyment to be part of this rewarding programme. The experience and the results so far, have far exceeded my expectations.

The staff are fantastic at conveying the latest theory and thinking, while engaging the cohort to create stimulating conversation and group work. This, along with experiences from peers, guest speakers and lecturers of practise creates a fantastic learning environment.

Warwick Business School first attracted me as it is a top ranked school, with an incredible reputation for its quality of teaching and learning environment was critical. However, what distinguished WBS from other schools, that really appealed to me was the diverse background of students from a range of sectors both private and public, with no one sector being dominant.

The other attraction was the supplementary opportunities on top of the business learning, such as the Executive Coaching and Mentorship programme. My main goal for completing an MBA was to open my eyes to the world outside my industry, learn more about myself and finalise a plan of where I want to take the next part of my career. This, along with the flexibility and opportunity to learn in Warwick, London and overseas was why I ultimately chose WBS.

I have already got so much out of the programme and most importantly, I am enjoying the entire experience. My biggest hope, along with furthering my knowledge and expanding my network, was to come away from my MBA with a solid plan for the next step in my career. What I am actually developing, is a plan for the next step in life and putting together a solid action plan to achieve new goals.