Mayesha Khondoker
Director, Shanta Holdings Ltd
Distance Learning MBA (2022-2026)

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m an entrepreneur and marketing strategist. I’m the founder of two separate companies within our holdings company, Shanta Lifestyle and Shanta Multiverse. Through Shanta Lifestyle our real estate company achieved vertical diversification by providing complete interior design solutions including furniture, walk-in closets, kitchen solutions, tiles and home automation. Through Shanta Multiverse our organization entered the food and beverage industry and now operates the most popular brunch café chain in Bangladesh, with five locations across the capital city.

Why did you ultimately choose the Distance Learning MBA?

Warwick Business School’s Distance Learning MBA offers a unique opportunity to learn skills and tools needed to help an individual climb up the corporate ladder while still holding onto your job. There is a misconception that because the programme is partly online, that it is somehow easier than other MBAs. However, it is just as intensive as the Full-time MBA programme and has the challenge of balancing the course with other commitments such as work. Although, the balancing act of family, work and the programme can be tricky, I would still choose this format. The distance learning aspect of the programme has allowed me to apply the tools and lessons I’ve learnt immediately into my work and this real-life application truly enriches the learning experience. 

What elements of the programme do you value the most and why? E.g. modules, cohort, overseas trips, academics.

Warwick Week was truly the most valuable experience of WBS, as I was able to meet and live with my cohort, who are working in senior-level positions at different industries and companies from around the world and they each bring in unique perspectives and experiences to our discussions and lectures. It was truly a remarkable and intensive experience that is unique to Warwick Business School. Other universities that offer Online MBAs use residential weeks primarily for networking, but WBS’s residential week includes eight lectures from two modules, completed within four days. These in-person lectures are fantastic and the teaching staff are truly remarkable in their teaching methods and design of their modules. I also valued the Leadership Day that was organized where expert career coaches were brought in to help students understand more about themselves and their values and limitations, so that we can effectively address them in order to improve our leadership skills.

Do you have any advice for anyone currently thinking about studying for an MBA?

Choose Warwick Business School. Coming from a business background, I can truly say that the design of the modules and assignments are from a completely different perspective from that of undergraduate business school. Courses such as Leadership and Operations Management take on the topic from a senior-management and board level perspective, this top-down approach is crucial for career growth and becoming an effective leader.