Mokutima Ajileye
Managing Director at Procter & Gamble
Distance Learning MBA (2019-21)

I wanted a well-recognized MBA program that offered the flexibility of distance learning but still allowed some face-to-face/networking sessions. Warwick Business School ticked all these boxes for me. It also helped that I had two colleagues who were also doing the Distance Learning MBA at WBS, and their word-of-mouth testimonials helped to validate my choice.

Going back to school (after almost 17 years) for a “full-time” study experience has been quite intense, especially as I am combining this with a challenging fulltime work that requires considerable travel. However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It has been enriching as I am able to synthesize now and codify my 16 years of work experience using models and frameworks. This is particularly important to me as it is then easier to pass on this knowledge in a structured way as I have an interest in consulting in the future.

My cohort is very diverse (race, ethnicity, gender, industry). This is reflected in the module study groups that I have been part of. This diversity is one of the great things about the WBS MBA – as you are exposed to varying perspectives and experiences.

My advice for anyone currently thinking about studing for an MBA is - Start now! There’s never going to be a perfect time when you have “free time” on your hands. You also need to be very clear on why you want to study for an MBA, and how it fits into your broader career goals. Once you gain this clarity, commit 2-3 years and go after it with laser-focus. Eventually, 2 years will go by, as the passage of time is inevitable. The only difference would be if you would have an MBA in your hands or not.