Nimota Abimbola
Equity Sales Trader - Citi
Full-Time MBA (2021 - 2022)

Your superpower is that no one can be you!

Currently, I’m in the process of writing a book about my career change as it has been a very fantastic and unusual journey. Switching from a career as a composer and songwriter at BMG, to a career as an Equities Trader at one of the world’s most prestigious and largest American Investment banks.

My time at Warwick Business School (WBS) was vital for my career transition and journey. The cohort of my class has been very diverse and interesting, with a full range of career backgrounds and international backgrounds and personalities present. Getting comfortable in diverse backgrounds was essential for my development, in addition to confronting imposter syndrome head-on.

So too was the life-changing scholarship I received from WBS. My favourite modules included: Corporate Finance, Management and Organisations, Strategy and Entrepreneurial Venture Creation and Entrepreneurial Finance. Group projects closely mirrored my experiences post-MBA in banking, working closely in diverse teams to deliver results under pressured time circumstances, whilst juggling multiple responsibilities and projects. For example - in Entrepreneurial Venture Creation I was part of a group that received the highest group work assignment given in over 10 years at the business school. From that experience, I learned not to attempt to do everything and to play to my strengths. This has been something I have taken headfirst into my investment banking career as a trader.

I possess a talent for communication, building rapport quickly and communicating clearly, a true people person; that skill-set was further developed during my MBA. In being taken out of my comfortable London environment and forced to be constantly uncomfortable and adaptable in different teams. This has proven to be a highly valuable asset in my banking career so far.

Extracurricular opportunities have also proven transferable as well; for example, pursuing a passion of mine in marketing which was also made possible as my position as the VP of the marketing club, allowing me to develop networking, event management and time management skills as we attracted diverse speakers from Polydor Records, Meta & Sequoia private equity, to WBS for presentations. My time at Warwick was life-changing and I am proud to have chosen WBS for my MBA Studies.