Stephanie Stadler
CMO & Co-Founder at MyStorage
Distance Learning MBA (2018-20)

I decided to do an MBA after working for about 10 years in Marketing and feeling stuck in my role and field. I wanted to give my career a new perspective and the idea of broadening my knowledge, learning about new topics and meeting new people with a similar motivation was very exciting to me.

Warwick Business school was my first choice because of its reputation as one of the best business schools in the world, while also offering great flexibility to overseas students like myself. I can study at my own pace whenever and wherever, which is critical when you have a busy work schedule. Furthermore, Warwick Business school offers the possibility to do face-to-face modules in places like Singapore or Mexico City, which I see as a great opportunity to learn more about international business and spend more time with my fellow students.

What I have appreciated very much to date is the fact that the modules have a good mixture of academic and practical content. The leadership module in particular opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on my own management style and how we, as a company, can get better. It is great that, from day one, I have been able to use the learnings from the course in my every day work life.

Signing up for the MBA was one of the best decisions I have made. It is certainly hard work and my social life is suffering, but the knowledge I gain and the amazing network I build up with people from all over the world are worth the pain.