Suraj Shetty
Full-time MBA (2019-20)

My advice to anyone who is currently thinking about pursuing an MBA is to answer the following questions –

  • What are your career aspirations?
  • How will an MBA help you get there? What will you take from the B-School experience?
  • And are you ready to invest the time, money and effort right from researching about
  • the b-schools, the required exams, the applications process and acquiring the degree?

And when you answer these questions, who will be in a better position to make the decision as to whether you should pursue an MBA and believe, after spending 4 months into the programme I would highly recommend that you “Just Go For It”.

For me taking a year off and coming back to studies was an extremely difficult choice as my wife and I just had our first child. I was a little apprehensive if I could make the switch, but the support and guidance from the entire Warwick Business School has just been amazing. For me studying the MBA is like a kid in a toy store and I could not have asked for anything better (or maybe more sunny days)! We have an extremely diverse and eclectic cohort, 119 students from 40+ countries with close to 60%/40% male/female split. Amazing networking events wherein you get an opportunity to create a high-touch network and brilliant guest speakers who share their experiences in line with our modules and provide us with real-world experiences that we could learn from. I would also like to mention the support of the CareerPlus Team and the Leadership Plus Module, as these have been the game changers.

Over and above the primary factors such as location, ranking and cost, there were so many other reasons that enabled me choose Warwick Business School. The school has a personal touch and is really interested in you and what you will bring to the cohort and this was something that was evident right from the moment I showed interest to apply and continues to this very day. Every person associated with the school, whether be it from the admissions committee, or current students and alums, each one of them made the time to speak with me to help me understand the school better.

The other factor that mattered to me was the average age of the cohort which for Warwick Business School as at 32 years, and this just shows the immense years of experience that the cohort bring to the class and the opportunities for you to learn from all of them.

Complete transparency, very proactive engagement and the fact that the school is prepared to go that extra-mile for me was also something that stood out for me. And additionally, being chosen as a WBS Scholar made the decision making for me very straightforward and easy. In a nut-shell it feels like home away from home.