Alexandre Jornod
Market Analyst at Futuresource Consulting
MSc Management (2015 - 16)

I am French, I grew up in Paris and have always been passionate about music and audio. After high-school I studied Sound Engineering to gain some knowledge in audio technology and music production. After graduating, I moved to London to do an MA in Music Business Management with the aim of grasping all the intricacies of the music industry and how to successfully market music. I then joined WBS and its MSc in Management to broaden my scope of knowledge and get the right foundations in business and management to start my career. 

After graduating from WBS, I worked a few years within the music industry, leading the relationship with streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, before joining Futuresource Consulting as their lead analyst for the music and audio markets.  

Why did you decide to study at WBS? 

The first key factor in my decision to choose WBS was the quality of teaching and reputation of Warwick Business School and the fact that its MSc Management is amongst the top in the world. 

I was also keen on experiencing life on a campus and I knew that the Warwick campus was offering class-leading facilities. I got lucky that the year I joined was the first with the new building at WBS, which made the experience even better. I met many incredible people while studying at WBS and being on campus really helped building these relationships and be fully immersed in the learning experience. 

Tell us about the company you are working for now. 

I currently work at Futuresource Consulting, a UK-based market research and consulting firm specialised in the technology and media industries. One of Futuresource’s core expertise is in the audio business and all things audio. We track markets and key developments across devices, content and technology and we work with many different companies, including audio manufacturers, content providers and tech companies. 

What does your job involve? 

I am the lead analyst for the music and audio markets, which means that I follow all the developments that happen in these industries closely, notably with music streaming services and premium audio brands. I also handle the research on some other audio-related markets such as automotive audio, which are areas I am particularly interested in due to my background. A big part of my role is to research, analyse and forecast these markets. I write extensive reports that intend to provide the most accurate view of the current and future performance of these markets, along with the key factors and trends expected to drive these developments. 

How did the MSc Management course help you prepare for your role?  

The MSc Management provided me with the tools and mindset to quickly identify the key factors that could impact a given market. My current job shares many similarities with some of the case studies we did during the course. In that sense, it gave me the right skills to properly analyse markets and businesses. In addition, I also regularly provide advice to clients to help them achieving their business objectives. The MSc Management has been particularly useful in allowing to pinpoint a firm’s competitive advantages and how it can build a winning strategy by capitalising on its strengths. 

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I enjoy researching and analysing markets, and through my work I also get to speak with many people and organisations operating in varied industries, which is really enriching. I also like the fact that as part of my role, I can follow closely all the trends in technology and consumer electronics, which I find fascinating. 

What were the key things you took away from your course? How have they helped you in your career? 

Interestingly, it is after writing the final dissertation of the MSc Management that I realised that I particularly enjoyed identifying and understanding the key moving parts that can impact business performance. This experience shaped my desire to become a market analyst. 

We also had a lot of opportunities for group collaborations during the course, which is essential in a professional environment. 

In addition to providing a deep understanding of the foundation of corporate strategy, this course had the benefit of giving effective ways to identify and tackle the challenges a business can face. 

How did things change for you on completing your course? 

After the completion of the MSc Management, I moved to Amsterdam to work at a record company. The course certainly helped in getting my first job. The company I chose to study for my final dissertation allowed me to develop a thorough understanding of the music streaming business, which was still at an early stage of its growth in 2016. This knowledge gave me a valuable head-start in my career. Holding an MSc Management from WBS also helped in my transition from the music industry to working in a consulting firm. 

Did you utilise the WBS CareersPlus team whilst you were studying at WBS? How did they help you? 

I regularly consulted the WBS CareerPlus team whilst studying at WBS, notably to have some feedback on my CV and cover letter when applying for jobs. I still use to this day the valuable advices they gave me on how to write and format my CV and cover letter. 

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for MSc Management at WBS?

The MSc Management at WBS is really a once in a lifetime experience, a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Meeting people from different backgrounds and learning from a class-leading academic team is particularly rewarding. The great variety of elective modules also allows to tailor the learning experience to individual career objectives. In only one year, this course helps getting solid basis to approach a successful career and build an extensive network of future business connections. I can only recommend it. 

At WBS we are proud to be ‘For the Change Makers’. What does being a Change Maker mean to you?: 

Throughout our careers we have multiple opportunities to champion the values that we believe in. For me, being a Change Maker is aiming to have an impact and support efforts in promoting values such as diversity and inclusion and sustainability in the workplace. It has become an ever-important objective for many companies and we can expect that this movement is only going to get stronger.