Hamail Ali Khan
Assistant Manager, The Citizens Foundation
MSc Marketing & Strategy (2017 - 2018)

Belonging to a Persian heritage, I grew up in Pakistan and always wanted to work for the development sector of my country.

I was excited to be a part of the MSc Marketing & Strategy course at WBS to explore diversity, high-quality education and the exciting electives that would further enrich my knowledge of the discipline. I was always inclined to work for the betterment of the education sector for underprivileged children. For that, MSc Marketing and Strategy became a stepping stone in helping me achieve my goal of working towards this cause.

I work for The Citizens Foundation (TCF) as an Assistant Manager - Alumni Connectivity and Special Projects. To be able to bring a visible and positive change is the best part of my job. I feel empowered to be associated with projects providing training to TCF Alumni on soft skills, entrepreneurship etc. which is helping the youth progress and own up to their dreams of establishing their own self-identity. Soon, I plan to start my own NGO that will focus on providing unlimited educational opportunities to children who wish to change their destiny and become torchbearers of a bright future for this country’s youth.

My experience at WBS has helped me broaden my horizons and allowed me to make strategic decisions in my career through the Marketing Insight Series, case studies and group discussions. Post-graduation, I found endless opportunities waiting for me and emerged as a stronger individual who could make crucial decisions at any time. The course has enabled me to apply all the theoretical knowledge I learned to be put into practical use.