Leslie Gonsalves
MSc in Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation

Hello, I am Leslie Gonsalves from London and I'm pursuing an MSc in Global Central Banking and Financial Regulations at Warwick Business School.

I have been working within the Telecom and Banking industry for a while, but a project at the Bank of England in 2017 piqued my interest in the area of Financial Markets and Financial Risk

I was attracted to this programme as the content combines theories with industry know-how. It would not only provide me with enhanced knowledge in the domain of my interest, but I am confident it will also lead me to refine my Regtech solution.

So far, I have enjoyed all of the modules I have completed. There are plenty of materials and papers to read, absorb and understand, which help to bring each topic to life. In particular, I have found the video interviews with industry experts from across the geographies really engaging. The perspective provided by these definitely enhanced my knowledge of each subject. Another aspect of the course that has been useful is the published papers that we have access to. These are critical to get insight into the various thoughts on the subjects.

A key benefit of the programme is the flexibility of online learning. This mode of learning allows you to choose how and when you focus on each module while still having to put in the effort to absorb the subject matter and adhere to the strict evaluation procedure of the institution.

The online portal, my.wbs is simple to navigate and makes learning interesting and engaging. The module material, communication channels with other students and professors, emails, notifications and more are easily accessible from within the portal, making it a one-stop shop for all your learning essentials. 

A significant highlight of the course is that the modules are current and relevant to the banking and financial industry. The contents and the expert teaching on the programme provide access to unparalleled knowledge, giving you an advantage within this industry. Plus, the association with the Bank of England adds a new dimension to the programme. 

I would recommend this programme to everyone associated with the banking domain and interested in expanding their knowledge. I am confident that the learning garnered from this program will enable me to refine my RegTech solution with a ‘Go to Market’ strategy, besides empowering me with the subject matter expertise required for professional career advancement.

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