Tanusha Jain
MSc Marketing & Strategy (2021 - 2022)

I had heard a lot about the University of Warwick. It is held in high regard in the UK and India. So, I came to Warwick Business School (WBS) with high expectations. Of course, my expectations weren’t only based on a few people’s “Oh I have heard about Warwick, it’s supposedly a good uni”.

I based my expectations on the words of alumni and people who knew or worked with people who’ve studied here. The modules, the structure of these modules, the professors, assignments, events, student services and the overall experience of being at the University of Warwick had such optimistic reviews and provided such positive and quantifiable results in career growth that I concluded that WBS would be the perfect stepping stone in my career.

My note to everyone who will be joining or wants to join WBS – Be ready! It’ll be a journey that will give you memories of a lifetime. This is the perfect place and opportunity where you can allow yourself to grow without any inhibitions. WBS will allow you to take things into control while it guides you on how to get closer to your goals.