Alessandro Adduci
Managing Director, Cristalli di Sale
BSc International Management (2015 – 2019)

I am currently studying for a BSc in International Management. Since it’s my first year at WBS, all my modules are compulsory but they are all taught in different ways.

We have lectures and seminars every week which I find very helpful since the seminars strengthen your knowledge of the topic covered in the lectures. They are also a very efficient way to clear up any doubts and enable you to better understand complex topics, since the average seminar class is quite small.

What I like the most about Warwick is that you don’t even need to seek opportunities to improve employability skills; the University offers loads of different careers events every week and you only need to choose the ones that fit you best. During my first two months I attended more than 20 employer presentation events and met senior executives from Goldman Sachs, UBS, Credit Suisse, EY and other global firms.

I booked my first appointment with the WBS CareersPlus team before I even flew to Warwick. The team gave me a lot of useful advice on how to write my CV and application cover letters. Since the meetings were one-to-one, I found they had an incredible impact on my employability and knowledge of the different sectors of business. I definitely think that the careers support is the most useful service WBS could provide for business students.

The process of applying for executive positions within student societies gave me the chance to go through an application process and interviews at the very beginning of my first year. Fortunately, I managed to get into Warwick Business School Society as a social executive, as well as Warwick Racing as Competition Manager.

As an exec for WBSS I am in charge of organising the logistics of six social events throughout the year, each of which involve more than 200 people, such as the annual Business Ball. With Warwick Racing I was tasked with seeking sponsorship contracts from established firms (Jaguar Land Rover etc.) and organising the logistics for an international competition held in Austria.

I truly love the WBS Undergraduate Learning Grid. I spend a great part of my study time there because it’s so well designed and relaxing that I just can’t think of a better place to study. A lot of students use to have both individual study and group work meetings in the Learning Grid because of its technological features which enhance group work performance.