Dan Walker
EMEIA FSO Assurance Graduate Associate, EY
BSc Accounting & Finance with Foundation Year (2016 – 2020)

Exposure to the incredible links that WBS has provided me with is second to none, and this wouldn't have happened if it were not for the Foundation Year. Employer events and opportunities, such as the EY Scholarship, have meant that I look back and am grateful for the path I've taken because I feel it's likely that I wouldn't have attended university were it not for the Foundation Year.

My degree (Accounting & Finance) takes me into a profession that does not necessarily require a degree and, as a result, I was debating whether or not to come to university. With the Foundation Year as a stepping stone to the fantastically high standard and links of the University, I am now able to say I'm an EY Scholar studying for a degree from Warwick Business School, all of which would not be true without the Foundation Year. I can now say that enrolling on the Foundation Year was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

In terms of my studies, the Foundation Year helped me gain a broad, basic understanding of the fundamentals of a few of my first year modules, as well as teaching me the techniques required for university study, highlighting how it differs from sixth form study. Following this, the Foundation Year integrated us seamlessly into our first year studies and we, as a cohort, performed as well as the direct entry students.