Efim Ivanov
MSc Corporate Finance Student at SDA Bocconi
BSc International Management (2015 – 2019)

My name is Efim, I am Russian and am currently working in Shanghai. I graduated from Warwick Business School with a degree in International Management. I also did an exchange year at Cornell University in the US as a part of my course. After graduation, I have been working for a fintech firm in China as a market research analyst.

What attracted you to WBS, why did you choose to study here?

I was looking for a degree that would be well recognised almost anywhere in the world. WBS is undoubtedly high in national and international business school rankings, attracting local and global employers. When I was applying for my undergraduate degree I wasn’t sure what area of business I wanted to explore. Therefore, I wanted to keep my options open and the BSc International Management course at WBS offered me flexibility with numerous electives in a range of disciplines, which suited me perfectly.

What is the best thing about the degree?

The people at WBS were the very best part of the degree. I found the diversity and calibre of students and lecturers that the school managed to unite under one roof quite exceptional. It was an invaluable experience to grow personally and academically alongside these people for four years. My classmates came from very different backgrounds, and the friendships I made during my time at WBS are genuinely lifelong friendships.

What has inspired you most throughout your studies?

My progression throughout the course probably inspired me the most. At the end of each year, I reflected on what I learnt, and what new skills I developed. Each year I realised that I could do so much more than the year before and that is what kept me motivated and engaged throughout my studies.

What sort of support did you receive from the careers team?

The WBS CareersPlus team helped me at every step of my application process throughout the recruitment process. That included all the basics, like helping me with my CV, cover letters, interviews and assessment centres, but also some tips on how to network effectively and how to find a job abroad. Notably, the WBS CareersPlus team also supported me during my year abroad. Overall, they helped me to understand what employers are looking for and how recruiters think.

Do you feel that your degree prepared you for your next steps?

After WBS, I confidently entered the foreign job market, and now I am comfortable performing all responsibilities given to me. In fact, thanks to my degree, I feel I am sometimes more prepared than more experienced employees or master graduates. At WBS, I developed critical soft skills. The latter included interpersonal skills, leadership, time management and critical thinking skills. For example, I have developed tactics for managing and prioritising my workload. These skills, adding to the broad management techniques and practices I learnt during my time in WBS, are hugely beneficial in my current position.

What advice would you give to prospective undergraduate students considering WBS?

Consider potential pros and cons of studying in a particular university and objectively weigh them against your own goals and priorities. I personally believe the key advantages of studying at WBS lie in international exposure and agility, meaning the School’s curriculum continuously develops and adapts to students’ needs.

What top tip would you give to a student who is about to start at WBS?

Use your time efficiently, be active and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. Apart from classes, get to know the people around you, attend guest events, join societies, and visit the Warwick Arts Centre.