Eleni Philippou
BSc Accounting & Finance (2015 – 2019)

My name is Eleni Philippou, I am 20 years old and I am from Cyprus. Currently, I am pursuing my second year at WBS, studying Accounting and Finance. I have chosen to extend my course to 4 years and next year I am going on a year abroad. I am going to study at Carlos III de Madrid for the whole year. 

Accounting and Finance, in my opinion is a broad degree. It combines a lot of technical and theoretical modules. For each module, we have our lectures every week and the following week we have a seminar about what we have been taught during the previous week. Some modules do include group work during seminars and some others include group projects. I believe that group projects, even though they can be challenging at times, are a great opportunity for us to exercise and improve our communication skills while getting to know other students. Not only that, for some modules we have classmates who are from different courses and different backgrounds, thus we get the opportunity to work with people from other courses. Personally, I like group projects, they usually are more interesting than having an exam or an essay, but it always depends on the team I have. Regarding my lectures, I really like the fact that they are recorded, so if for any reason I need to recap something I have the chance to catch up through lecture capture. Our seminars are really helpful, as we get the chance to practice on exercises as well as ask any questions we may have.  

I believe that there is a combination of things that make my time here at WBS so unique. First, I think it would be my classmates. I was lucky enough to meet some beautiful people, excellent characters, and make some great friends. Then, I would easily say my lecturers. I had the honour to be taught by some of the best lecturers at WBS. I am at a university that attracts the best candidates from around the world, and it is great to be surrounded by likeminded people.   

What has inspired me most while being here is the opportunities provided by WBS. Opportunities at WBS are endless, and if you are really interested in something you can have your chance to succeed. Companies and employers visit campus and we get informed about opportunities, programmes, schemes, it is our choice if we will go for it or not. I have attended a number of events hosted by the careers team such as ‘improving interview skills’, practice for assessment centres, CV sessions and more. It is important for a university to provide its students with such help as the competition outside for internships and placements is colossal, thus, it is a good practice for us before the ‘final game’. Personally, I wanted to go on a year abroad, and WBS gave me the opportunity to make that dream come true.  

I would recommend getting involved in societies. I am the President of Cypriot and Hellenic Society, which is a cultural society, aiming to keep alive the Greek spirit hundreds of miles away from our home country. I am also an active member of the WBS Finance society, Matchday Society and Consulting society. Through the academic societies, I have the chance to meet people from my course, from different backgrounds and discuss ideas, get to see how other people are viewing things, as well as attend some events that deal with current global issues. I have also attended many careers events of visiting companies which were great because I got to see what opportunities those firms are offering.  

Overall, Warwick is a great place to study because it is an outstanding university, the opportunities here are endless.