Evelina Molis
Junior Marketing Manager, DeepStream Technologies
BSc International Management (2017 - 2021)

Tell us a bit about yourself, and what course you are studying?

I came to study to the UK from Lithuania. I have just completed my BSc International Management course at WBS with a First Class (Honours). I went on a year abroad to the University of South Carolina and ESADE Business School in Barcelona. I have always been a multipotentialite and it was very hard for me to choose the subject I wanted to study, but the BSc International Management at WBS was more than perfect for me. The course was really flexible, allowing me to choose many electives, but at the same time giving me the opportunity to explore other hobbies outside of my studies.

What attracted you to WBS? Why did you choose to study here?

I was firstly attracted to WBS due to the rankings. I wanted to study at a top 10 university, but at the same time not sacrifice my hobbies and have some free time to myself. WBS was perfect for that, it allows you to tailor your degree from your second year onwards by choosing electives, not only from WBS but also from other departments. It is one of the most international institutions, and, coming from another country that was a priority for me. Not only are students from different countries, but also the academics and professional staff. The network of alumni and partners of WBS is huge, and it always serves as a great benefit for students.

What is the best thing about your course?

I would definitely highlight two main highlights from my course; the modules, and my year abroad. I love the fact that WBS tries to somehow make all students ‘equal’ to one another during your first year. Everyone starts with foundation level modules that would not only allow us to get insights into different spheres of business, but also fill in any knowledge gaps we might have. What stood out the most to me was the number of elective modules you are allowed to select. I personally chose to add a language module in my second year and I am forever grateful for that as it enabled me to go to Spain and learn Spanish during my year abroad. I also really liked that my year abroad was guaranteed as part of my course as I always wanted to study somewhere outside the UK. The choice of partner universities to study at during my year abroad was huge. I could not only go to another European country, but I also went to the US.

What has inspired you most throughout your studies?

What inspired me the most throughout my studies were my course mates and all the opportunities that were available to me during my time at Warwick. Seeing all of my coursemates achieving good grades, planning their future career paths and participating in lots of extra-curricular activities motivated me a lot. And it was not because I wanted to be better, but just because I saw how many opportunities there are for each of us and how everyone utilises them.

What sort of support have you received from the careers team?

I have attended several career workshops organised by the CareersPlus team which have definitely been helpful especially for those of us who have never applied for a job before or have just started putting their CV together. The team is also very helpful when it comes to preparation for assessment centres and interviews, you can easily get tips from them or information about upcoming events. I mostly used the CareersPlus team services during my first year as I had no idea what Spring Weeks were before coming to university. The team helped me prepare for my first ever internship and they also helped me to secure a work experience bursary since my internship was unpaid.

Have you taken part in any projects, internships or work experience so far while being a student at WBS?

I have led a project in my country while studying at WBS, completed two internships and one work experience, as well as participated in online programmes and competitions. I tried different spheres; therefore, I co-founded a charity project in Lithuania, completed an internship in FinTech in Lithuania, and an unpaid internship in marketing in the US during my year abroad studies. Unfortunately, the FinTech module had been introduced only this year, but all the finance, innovation and digital modules helped me a lot when I had to work with clients’ business plans, I already understood more than 95% of it as during my first year I had to create my own business plan for one of my modules. I did not take many marketing modules at WBS, but I gained a lot of knowledge from the Marketing Insight Series and societies on campus.

Are you a member of any SU clubs or societies?

I have been a member of many societies including; WBSS, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Salsa, Management, and Warwick Congress. I was a Social Executive and later a president of Warwick Lithuanian Society as well as the Head of Marketing for Warwick Congress 2020/2021. Being involved in these societies mean that I developed my teamwork and leadership skills as I have never encountered being in such an international team before. This also allowed me to find new friends and network with students from different departments. Most importantly, since there are so many different socieites and sports available on campus I managed to continue to pursue my hobbies which are salsa and languages.

What do you aim to do once you graduate?

I really want to get into a PR/advertising/marketing agency as an Account Executive. I am in the process of applying now and I have gotten into last stages at some companies, but it is a very long process. I definitely want to stay in London and perhaps move to US, Spain or back to Lithuania in the future.

Do you feel that your degree is preparing you for your next steps?

I definitely feel that my degree has prepared me for the next steps in my career. WBS has certainly equipped me with teamwork, time management and organisation skills. I have learnt a lot from each module that I took especially my Digital Innovation, FinTech and Marketing modules. Besides that, the aforementioned structure of the BSc International Management course has allowed me discover what I am passionate about and what I want to focus on in the future.

What top tip would you give to prospective undergraduate students who are deciding if WBS is the right place for them?

For prospective students who are deciding if WBS is right for them my advice would be that you first have to realise what you want to get from the institution you are applying to. I personally was aiming for a good university with an interesting course, but which would also allow me to be flexible and have time for my hobbies. WBS was ideal for that as I could tailor the degree to my interests, join more than 300 societies or sports clubs, and achieve a degree that is very well acknowledged by many companies.

What top tip would you give to a student who is about to start at WBS?

My top tips for students who are starting at WBS is to make the best out of your experience. Don’t just focus on getting the best grades, make sure you utilise all the career events, societies, campus events and competitions offered by the university. This is your biggest opportunity to figure out what you love, perhaps find a new hobby and start networking!