Guillaume Polge
Business Strategy & Operations, LinkedIn
BSc Management with Finance (2014 – 2017)

Tell us a bit about yourself, what are you studying?

I am a third-year, BSc Management with Finance student with an international background having lived in Paris and London. My objective is to start a career in digital transformation and WBS’s innovative culture and strong sets of modules helped me to develop a knowledge of this field.            

How is your degree taught?

I enjoy the different teaching formats offered at WBS. They consist of a combination of lectures, small-group seminars and group projects. I believe that group projects are key to develop a set of skills that are necessary in today’s fast-moving business world: organization, flexibility, critical thinking and leadership. I also feel that teachers are accessible and that it is possible to discuss with them during their open hours.

What’s been the best thing about the programme?

The best feature of my course is the flexibility offered when choosing modules. It enabled me to select the modules that will have an impact on my future career. 

What’s inspired you most through your studies?

The most inspiring feature of WBS is its unique multicultural environment. Through group projects, I got to meet people from multiple backgrounds and cultures. I learnt to understand cultural differences and to act upon them to achieve the best of everyone in group projects.

How have you been supported by the careers team?

The careers team helped me throughout my master application process, by giving me careers advice and reviewing my CV and motivation letters. I also used these services to improve my interview skills by doing mock interviews. Moreover, the careers team advertises internships and job opportunities as well as offers training for critical reasoning tests.

Are you a member of any SU clubs or societies?

Studying at Warwick University is all about opportunities. I have been involved in several societies during my time at Warwick. I was a member of the badminton club and have been using the high-quality sports facilities to play squash.  In addition, I have been a member of Enactus Warwick, a society that provides pro-bono consulting services to start-ups and NGOs. Through this experience, I have developed professional skills such as project planning and leadership that are a great complement to my academic education. I am also part of the organisation committee of Warwick Congress, a newly-founded conference that analyses global challenges through the lenses of finance, economics, politics, and law. This experience is an opportunity to meet people from different background.

What advice would you give to someone from your home country looking to apply at Warwick?

My advice would be to not feel scared of leaving your country as living and studying abroad will enable you to develop a unique set of skills and experiences that you would not acquire otherwise. Fully exploit all the opportunities offered by WBS. The business world is increasingly global and uncertain. However, the BSc Management course WBS will give you the tools to develop the skills that will make you successful in this challenging environment. Life is all about opportunities, so take them and fully exploit all the tools offered by WBS. 

What’s next for you?

I am applying to top-ranked master degrees in France, in the UK and in Switzerland.