Halia Nguyen
Associate Business Analyst, JP Morgan
BSc Management (2015 – 2018)

My name is Halia Nguyen and I am a second-year student studying BSc Management. What inspired me to choose this course is the flexibility, and the different types of study methods offer a good combination of self-study and interactive discussion with academic staff and peers. In addition to this, the first year of the course provides you with exposure to most aspects of management, with a balance between quantitative and qualitative modules. From the second year onwards you are then able to select your elective modules, which allows you to design your own course based on your interests. Having actively engaged in lots of projects from year one, my inspiration always comes from the people that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. The students here are extremely diverse and very talented; people who are not idle passengers of change but act as agents of it.

During my time at WBS, I have been involved in establishing Warwick Congress which is a student-run initiative enthused by the ambition to educate students from all backgrounds and interests. Our primary motive is to unite the disciplines of Finance, Economics, Law and Politics to a single platform thus allowing students to gain a holistic perspective on the issues surrounding the world today. We have found a significant void in the market concerning events encompassing both academic and career-focused elements and aim to bridge this gap. Through Warwick Congress, we hope to inspire and motivate students from a myriad of backgrounds to take an interest in not only how the four disciplines shape the society, but also to spark or strengthen a passion into a variety of career paths. I have learned so much since the first day I arrived on campus. Not only my thinking is sharpened, but also I have learned tremendously from people around me, from their experience, and their stories.

WBS is a great environment where help is always available. The Undergraduate Office team are really helpful in dealing with any issues and are great supporters for student initiatives. As a WBS ambassador, working with them is a great pleasure to learn from the people who are passionate about providing the best experience for students. I have also received a lot of valuable advice from the CareersPlus team when I first started considering applying for internships to preparing for interviews and assessment centre. Their skills workshop and networking events are very well organised with the presence of leading players in different industries. After attending a mock-assessment centre led by employers and performing well, I was invited to an insight day last year by a consulting company in London which was a fantastic opportunity. My advice for other students who are considering where to study, I strongly encourage you to apply to WBS and my best piece of advice is to be open to all the opportunities available to you during your university experience.