Ines Rouaghe
Current student
BSc International Management with Marketing

Personally, I feel that the best part of moving abroad for university is the immense pool of diversity within Warwick. It’s enriching to see the vast differences amongst people that all share the same commonality of being away from home. As you start your university life, you begin to learn more about the real world, and not only do you gain skills to take into the university curriculum but also a massive opportunity for personal development!

As you grow up, you painfully realise that sometimes you might end up taking different routes to your childhood friends. For me, I thought I’d always remain close to all my friends, but it turned out that with some staying in France and others moving to different countries, it became harder and harder to maintain that close friendship. Time differences, busy schedules, and settling in makes everything more complicated but some of the best advice that I could pass on is that moving abroad taught me to keep the valuable things in life close and to learn to let go. As hard as this may seem, it’s all part of the journey, and while it might not happen to everyone, it’s always best to be prepared.

At WBS I have also had the opportunity to specialise my degree, and study an area of business I am most interested in. For me, this was marketing, an industry I gained valuable insight in during a three-day online workshop. Although, figuring out what you want to specialise in is not as easy as it sounds, and here’s why!

Specialising your course by studying a pathway is by no means a requirement to graduate, but rather it offers you the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into a field of business that enjoy. A pathway can also help you become more competitive and knowledgeable in front of future employers. It’s a valid distinction employers will notice between students graduating with an undergraduate degree in ‘International Management with Marketing’ as opposed to ‘International Marketing’. On top of employability, if you’re clear on what you want to pursue in the future, specialising your degree might give you the motivation to love your course more and achieve the targets you set!