James Kariuki
Equity Analyst, Invesco
BSc Management with Finance (2016 - 2019)

Tell us a bit about yourself, what are you studying?

My name is James Kariuki and I am an international student from Kenya and I am studying BSc Management with Finance.

How is your degree taught?

My degree is mostly taught in lectures and seminars. However, some modules require group projects as a major component of the assessment. The lectures and seminars are like how classes in high school are taught, except with lots more people. Group work was a big differentiator. I enjoyed meeting and working with new people, although it has been a learning curve for me in dealing with other people’s opinions and expectations.

What has been the best thing about the programme?

The best thing about my course has been the freedom to choose from a wide variety of elective modules. I have been able to study both Mandarin and French which has enabled me to develop both my academic and personal skills.

What’s inspired you most through your studies?

I have many major inspirations. However, I would have to say that I am inspired to do well for my parents as well as thinking about my future progression in the world of business.

How have you been supported by the careers team?

The careers team at WBS are by far the best team I have come across. The number of resources that they have available to help students has been critical in improving my career prospects significantly. They offer both in-person and online career services that I have had the pleasure of utilising. They give you live feedback and offer several workshops throughout the term to help you work on various skills. I have attended all the workshops relevant to any career path such as networking, assessment centres and interview practice.

Are you a member of any SU clubs or societies? What benefits have you got from that?

Throughout my years at Warwick, I have strived to be involved in a plethora of societies. In my second year, I was the president of the Warwick East African Society. It was an enjoyable experience and I believe that I grew as a leader in my own right. I also take part in sports clubs such as Muay Thai Boxing, which has helped build my confidence and self-defence capabilities.

If you live on campus – what is it like?

In my first year I lived on campus, in Sherbourne and it was an amazing experience. My flatmates were really welcoming, and we often went out and socialised together and formed friendships that have lasted all these years.

What advice would you give to students who are looking to apply to WBS?

I would highly recommend that future students focus on getting to know their flatmates during your first few days on campus, as they will likely become the people you interact with and socialise with the most during your first year. I would also encourage students to step out of their comfort zones by joining societies in a variety of fields. If you ever feel homesick, there are also cultural societies that bring together people that come from similar areas or languages. All in all, my biggest advice would be to keep yourself as active as possible and you will have so much fun you will realise that the world is more than just where you come from.

What’s next for you?

The next likely step for me will be to step into a graduate job in asset management. I have had internships in this field and I really enjoyed it.