Jessica Elvidge
Network Delivery Planner, Comex 2000
BSc Management with Foundation Year (2016 – 2020)

How did the Foundation Year help you transition into university life?

The Foundation Year provided me with a wide range of skills, experience and a great deal of knowledge that I continue to use throughout my first year studying BSc Management.

The course definitely prepared me for degree level study and provided me with a foundation of knowledge for business, statistics, how to write at a degree level standard, and how to think academically and creatively.

In addition, the assignments are like those at degree level. For example, we had to complete individual presentations, group work presentations as well as essays and exams. These assignments were marked at undergraduate level, which helps us to prepare for what to expect during the Undergraduate Programme. Feedback on assignments was extremely useful as it shows you where your strengths are and where you need to improve for future assignments. I have regularly referred to my feedback from my Foundation Year assignments for my degree level modules as a guideline.

How did having a personal tutor help you through your studies?

My personal tutor was excellent and provided me with a great deal of support. I felt that if I ever had a problem I could always go to my personal tutor, talk through my issues, and come up with a solution/plan.

I would recommend anyone to speak to their personal tutor if they are having any problems or are worried about their studies; they are there to help you and have your best interests at heart.

We also had regular student meetings, organised by the Foundation Year team, where we would meet as a group and discuss the upcoming weeks. This provided us with the opportunity to ask any questions to the module leaders or seek advice if we had any concerns. The meetings also enabled us to get to know one another and to talk about our feelings towards our studies at WBS.

All modules leaders made it very clear that we could drop into their office or send them an email if we ever had any problems, and they would help in any way that they could.

What did you enjoy most about the Foundation Year?

This is a very difficult question for me to answer as I feel that the Foundation Year was a brilliant experience and one that I will never forget. If I had to pinpoint a moment, I would say making friends with some amazing people and getting to spend a whole year studying with them. The module leaders and lecturers that helped us throughout the Foundation Year were so supportive and helpful, and it was a pleasure to be in their seminars and lectures.

Why WBS? 

I had visited the University of Warwick several times before coming here, including trips when I was at secondary school and attending several shows at the Warwick Arts Centre. Since coming to the University, I have realised what a diverse range of students study here; it is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures. The University also has a good range of restaurants, study spaces, a shop and the Copper Rooms nightclub for students.

The Business School is extremely impressive, with some areas of the building being brand new. During the Foundation Year, most of our classes were based in Warwick Business School, whereas this year we have had seminars and lectures across campus which allows you to explore other buildings.

The Business School has its own careers team, WBS CareersPlus, which you can visit for advice on your CV, internships and work placements. I would strongly recommend them; the team will be able to help you as they have a wide range of connections with international businesses, as well as those across the UK.

What would you say to other students looking to join the Foundation Year?

My advice to students joining the Foundation Year would be to have an open mind and to work hard as this is your stepping-stone to the Undergraduate Programme. You may be faced with challenges and tasks you may not necessarily be strong at; however, these are to prepare you for your future.

It is important that you give 100% in everything that you do and to take advantage of the module leaders and your personal tutor who are there to provide you with help and support throughout the Foundation Year.