Jola Maczkiewicz
Assistant Brand Manager, RB
BSc Management with Placement Year (2015 – 2019)

Tell us a bit about yourself, what are you studying?

I’m a second-year BSc Management student originally from Cambridge. Having lived in the same house for my whole life, moving away from home to come to university has been challenging but extremely exciting. As I had not studied business prior to coming to Warwick, I was apprehensive to whether this degree would be as fulfilling as I had envisaged, but starting at WBS soon dispelled these fears. I have found that the WBS community has been really supportive and helpful, with the undergraduate office and online WBS student portal being particularly useful sources of information.

How is your degree taught?

Management is taught in a variety of ways, the combination of which makes the course diverse and interesting. Having seminars is particularly helpful as it allows students to test the theory we learn in lectures and provides an opportunity to ask the tutor some specific questions about the topic. Not only do the numerous assignments involving group work present me with a great opportunity to develop my team-work skills, but they have allowed me to get to know new WBS students who I had not previously had the chance to interact with.

What’s been the best thing about the programme?

What makes this course so special is the opportunity to discover the vast-ranging areas of business. The first-year modules have allowed me to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of management, whilst the flexibility in the second and third year to choose from a very wide variety of modules has allowed me to explore and find the areas that I am most passionate about. 

What’s inspired you most through your studies?

Meeting Warwick graduates at talks and careers events and hearing about their successes in positions which I aspire to hold post-graduation, is what really inspires me to work hard day every day and to push myself to achieve my very best.

How have you been supported by the careers team?

The careers team has supported me on numerous occasions with my applications for 12-month industrial placements. The mock assessment centre with real employers which they organised was particularly helpful as I was able to get useful feedback and tips for the future, whilst the experience really boosted my confidence going into real-life assessment situations.

Are you a member of any SU clubs or societies?

My involvement on the executive committee of Warwick Congress has been one of the biggest highlights of university life for me. The experience I have gained in setting up and running a student-led conference of such magnitude, not to mention the opportunity to meet students from different degree disciplines who I would not usually cross paths with has made it a fantastic experience. I found that I was able to apply a significant amount of theory from my degree to this project, whilst also picking up new practical business skills, which I feel has supported and enriched my learning.

Do you have any other hobbies you enjoy?

As well as joining new societies here at Warwick, the university’s connectivity to other cities has made it quite easy to continue to take part in some of the hobbies I was involved in back at home, such as Polish Girl Guides, with the good rail connections to cities such as London and Birmingham making this possible.

If you live off-campus – where do you live, and what’s the best thing about it?

Living off-campus in Leamington Spa admittedly hasn’t been as convenient for getting to lectures as it was living on campus last year. However, the bus journey only takes around 20 minutes, and there are numerous perks to living in a town, in particular a larger variety of restaurants, bars and clubs.  Jepson Gardens is one of my favourite places to go, and makes a great revision spot!

What’s next for you?

After finishing my second-year exams I will be starting a 12-month work placement at L’Oréal. I am extremely excited to get a real insight and exposure to the workings of the marketing department of a successful business, which I hope will also give me a good indication to whether this is the right direction to steer my career. Although it’ll be a big change from student life, I am certainly looking forward to the challenge!