Shalani Bhalla
Junior Energy Underwriter, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
BSc International Management (2015 – 2019)

I am currently in my second year studying International Management at Warwick Business School.

From my experience so far, studying at WBS has truly exceeded my expectations as it has allowed me to broaden my horizons in an academic, social and cultural sense. My degree has given me the chance to mix with various students of all backgrounds, as the core modules in my first year allowed us to work in randomly allocated groups with students on a range of Business School courses. Meeting and interacting with students from all around the globe has heightened my cultural awareness and has ignited my desire to explore different heritages outside of the UK.

At the moment I am studying an array of both compulsory and elective modules. The beauty of my degree is its flexibility in accommodating to all interests and areas of Business, with numerous options to choose from. What I particularly like about the course structure was studying core modules in my first year which provided an insight into various branches in the Business School. This gave me the chance to choose and pursue modules that I particularly enjoyed to the next level in the following years of my degree.

One the greatest things about the Business School is the dedication and self-motivation of my peers. Their determination to succeed in both academia and post-graduation has motivated me to follow the same path in order to be successful in whatever I do. In addition, Warwick Business School provide several career services through WBS CareersPlus. Whether you just need your CV checking before submitting an application or have broader questions surrounding career destinations, the drop-in sessions are extremely helpful in giving advice.

During my first year, I resided on campus which enabled me to get the whole campus university feel in terms of living in dorms with a variety of people on different courses. I opted to live in Leamington Spa for my second year and I particularly enjoy living there due to the vast number of things to do and see that provides a whole different experience to that of living on campus.

For me, my next year is going to be very exciting. As part of my degree, I will be spending my third year abroad, studying in Singapore in an exchange with the Business School. Choosing where to spend the year was a tough decision with the vast number of choices of institutions available to select. After researching thoroughly, I decided that Singapore would be most suited to me as an individual and I am excited to be able to have an opportunity to live in such a vibrant and urban city. As I prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, I am extremely glad that I have been able to be a part of Warwick Business School for the last two years.