Silvia Bonku Ephraim
Associate, EY
BSc Accounting & Finance with Foundation Year (2015 – 2020)

My name is Silvia Bonku Ephraim and I’m in my first year at Warwick University.

I am the youngest of five children and the third to go to university. My life goal is simply to make my family proud.

The Foundation Year

The course is made up of 25 individuals. This allows us all to integrate with each other and support each other in a way that wouldn’t be possible if the course had 600+ students.

My contact hours are made up of both lectures and seminars. There are modules where we are set group work and are expected to work through this in our own time. I find that this balance in teaching is effective as I like to explore different learning styles in order to see what works best for me.

The Undergraduate study space is innovative and induces creativity. It really takes learning to new heights and I believe everyone benefits from its structure as it really captivates the essence of divergent thinking.

Student Experience

I am a member of The Black Woman’s Project society, Afro-Caribbean society, Piano society and the Accounting society. A lot to take in, I know. I believe it is important to have a balance between academic societies and non-academic; however, all types of support is provided by all societies. Through these societies I have been able to meet a variety of people.

Living on campus is undoubtedly one of the best experiences as a student. Living with people of different cultures and backgrounds and learning about their norms is by far the best thing about living on campus.

What’s next?

After this year, I will be advancing onto the first year of the direct entry Accounting and Finance degree. I believe that, with all the support I have received from the Foundation Year, I am fully equipped and ready for the year ahead.