Stephen Squires
Operations Assistant, Logistics Solution Group
BSc Management with Foundation Year (2016 - 2020)

I’m Stephen, a second year BSc Management student and I have been at Warwick for three years after completing the Foundation Year.

I applied for the Foundation Year after discovering it when looking for course options relevant to my grades in Sixth Form. The opportunity to study at a top tier university without the higher requirements for grades seemed too good to be true. However, after passing through the application process studying at WBS became a reality for me.

The Foundation Year absolutely prepared me for degree-level study. By allowing a comprehensive look into university practice, such as proper referencing, I was able to gain an advantage that A-level grades couldn’t possibly have provided. Not only this, the Foundation Year gave me a full year of settling into lifestyle changes that come with the move to university before I undertook my full, degree-level studies.

Choosing only 3 words to describe the Foundation Year is tough to say the least, but I would have to go with: unique, challenging and enjoyable.

My degree is taught primarily using lectures where you can take notes as a lecturer presents information in a high capacity lecture theatre. Based on the content of these lectures, there are small group seminar classes where most of the discussion takes place. These seminars are essential and are my preferred style of learning as they provide a chance to put forward your own points and have other students contribute to, or even dispute, these points. It’s important to just throw yourself into these seminars as everyone else in the room is always open to listening to what you have to say!

A fair amount of coursework at WBS is group work, where you will learn to work with people from many different cultures and really start to develop yourself as a person, appreciating how these different cultures contribute in their own ways to a final piece of work.

Despite not actively joining any clubs or societies at Warwick, and choosing to spend my free time working part-time, I have still attended various employer events or guest speaker talks hosted by societies. These events are always very well run and provide a positive use of time outside of studying.

The WBS CareersPlus team have primarily helped me with their drop-in sessions hosted in the WBS undergraduate space. I have received competent advice on which direction to go when it comes to internships, as well as how to turn my CV from a complete mess into a coherent and professional document! The careers team also host regular industry talks, a recent example was a fascinating marketing talk from L’Oréal that incentivised me to look into the internship opportunities they offer.

Next for me is a year abroad at York University in Toronto, before my final year; this is another opportunity that WBS provides through the Intercalated Year. Having never been to that part of the world, I am beyond excited to complete a year studying in a completely different environment with brand new challenges.