Victoire Lépine
Innovations Manager, myAgro
BSc International Management (2013 – 2017)

A tailored student experience

I think that the best thing about WBS undergraduate courses is the freedom you have to shape your own degree, and the modern WBS building offers amazing facilities for students.

Over the years, most of your modules are electives that you get to choose according to what matters the most to you. Additionally, WBS has amazing choices for year abroad destinations, from the best business schools in Europe to leading universities in exciting international cities.

The Undergraduate team works hard to accommodate every student; if you take two classmates at the end of their degree they will have had complete different experiences, tailored to them.

Modules typically have a good balance between individual and group work, as well as theory alongside practical application. Over the years, you are able to apply concepts you've learnt; for example, groups may present case studies as consultants for a given management issue.

I believe that WBS helps students to develop strong critical thinking skills that are a great strength in the graduate business world.

Extra-curricular opportunities

I have been a WBS ambassador since my first year, and joined the SSLC committee in my final year, working to deliver positive improvements. As an SSLC student I was able to see how responsive to change the Undergraduate office is and how well they listen to the student voice.

The academic schedule gives students a lot of autonomy to join extra-curricular activities alongside their studies. I have also been part of the University of Warwick Riding Club’s 1st team during my first two years and joined the University Polo Club for my final club; competing in teams against other universities was a highlight of my experience at Warwick.

I also participated in some of the many events held by academic societies, including the one-week competition, Warwick Apprentice, and Warwick Hackathon. Additionally, I joined friends in the development of a Social Entrepreneurship society called Warwick Genesis.

Sport and academic societies are an important part of Warwick life and there are opportunities for all students. You can join a sport you already love, or try a new one, and there are a countless number of academic societies that you can join, or you can even set up a new one.

What's next?

Next year, I will join the Marketing Team of Danone UK for a one-year internship.

The WBS CareersPlus team have been a great help over the long and daunting process of sending applications, reviewing cover letters and setting up interview and assessment centre practice sessions.

The CareersPlus team offer CV checks and support with interview preparation and, having used their services, I can say that they are great help!

Tips for prospective students

  1. Come to Warwick!
  2. Warwick Business School, as a leading institution, coupled with the campus experience, provides the best studying environment for students.

Tips for current students

  1. Make the most of it – there are so many extra-curricular opportunities to get involved with that can shape your university experience, and don't wait your final year to do so.
  2. If you have the opportunity to, go on the year abroad. Besides enjoying my time in Hong Kong studying and travelling, spending a year away helped me to take time to understand which career path I really wanted to take, and you come back to your final year much more mature.
  3. Explore and take modules you love – WBS has a wide course catalogue and you should choose modules which fit your interests, especially if you have the opportunity to take outside modules.