Victoria Azubuike
Account Executive, BBH Group
BSc Management with Foundation Year (2015 – 2019)

The Foundation Year experience

The Foundation Year allowed us to get to grips with various elements of university life, such as living away from home and being independent.

It gave us a good foundation to allow us to fully understand what is needed at university. In a few of the modules we had to work in groups which gave us a toolkit of helpful interpersonal and communication skills, ready for when we moved on to modules for BSc Management.

I enjoyed being able to get to know the lecturers and other Foundation Year students in a smaller setting. It let us build a closer bond. I am proud to be part of the Foundation Year and to represent it. Being confident in my own skin and accepting who I am is what I value most from my university experience.

Support at WBS

My main point of contact was my personal tutor during my time at Warwick. I am so grateful for the support and care that my personal tutor showed me; they helped me to not only understand more about university life, but understand myself and my personal interests.

I also used other sources of support, such as module leaders and the Undergraduate Team when I need help with academic matters. 

Extra-curricular experience

In addition to my studies, I am the founder of the US Programme which is a project with the mission to help educate and inspire young females, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds, to break boundaries and achieve their goals. This academic year I collaborated with Warwick Women’s Careers Society to run the first ever Warwick Women’s Summit, the first of its kind in the UK. The summit aimed to bring together ambitious women from a range of careers and give them a full day of workshops, panels, and discussions to raise awareness about issues facing millennial women today.

I was also part of the Afro Caribbean Society (ACS) for a short while and I won the award of the most supportive team member.

Advice for future Foundation Year students

Make the most of every opportunity you are given – even if, at the time, you do not understand why it is there for a reason.