Zari Dowrich
Business Operations & Marketing Intern, Bright Network
BSc Management (2018 - 2021)

Tell us a bit about yourself, and what course you studied?

My name is Zari Dowrich and I studied BSc Management at WBS. I hail from the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago which is situated in the Caribbean and I intend to proudly represent my nation anywhere I go.

What attracted you to WBS?

I was interested in joining a diverse business school, and I was attracted to the flexibility of the BSc Management course and the selection of modules available. The prestige that comes from attending WBS and the extensive network was something I wanted to capitalise on as well as meeting new people and gaining fresh perspectives. I was always told to aim high with anything I pursued and the rankings that WBS specifically received in the year I applied was one of the selling points for me with respect to my course.

What was the best thing about your degree?

The best thing about my degree was the people I met. From the students to staff I was able to interact with people from many different places all over the world. I feel so lucky I was taught by academics who are knowledgeable, accommodating and ready to assist the students they teach.

What has inspired you most throughout your studies?

I was mostly inspired by my peers who displayed the discipline necessary to navigate university life whilst also making time for leisure activities which encouraged me to go the extra mile with my studies.

What sort of support did you receive from the careers team?

In my first year, I contacted the CareersPlus Team to help me rework my CV and cover letter for an internship in my home country. They directed me to some great online resources and I received one-to-one sessions to receive guidance and support on my future career goals.

Were you a member of any SU clubs or societies?

I was a member of the Caribbean Culture Society (CCS), Warwick Calisthenics Society, Warwick Volunteers and Warwick Inspire. I chose to join these specific societies as they centered on my passions and interests which are to stay in touch with my culture, keep fit, and volunteer wherever I could. I was able to meet so many new like-minded people who shared my culture and passions. Being an executive member on the CCS allowed me to develop key soft skills which are necessary for the workplace and life in general such as time management, organisation, communication, and problem-solving skills. My time at Warwick was positively impacted by the time spent in the events of these societies and I would not trade these experiences for the world.

What top tip would you give to a student who is about to start at WBS?

My top tip for students starting at WBS would to not wait for opportunities to come to you. Whether it is starting a new role in a society, or meeting new friends actively seek opportunities that are right for you. Embracing university life goes way beyond the classroom so make sure you make the most of your experience.