Dr Yansong Hu
Associate Professor of Marketing
(Marketing Group)

Welcome to my academic website.

As an Associate Professor at Warwick Business School, my academic journey is marked by a dedication to unveiling the complexities of new product development, the intricacies of diffusion processes, and the expansive realms of social networks.

Academic Achievements
Award-Winning Research: My inquiry into the frontiers of marketing has been celebrated with top honors, such as the Best Paper in Marketing and Technology at the AMA Winter Conference and the illustrious M.Wayne DeLozier Award at the AMS Conference, among others.
Scholarly Contributions: My co-authored publications have enriched esteemed journals like Marketing Science, Journal of Service Research and the Journal of Product Innovation Management, bridging academic rigor with practical innovation.
Educational Impact: I take pride in having guided a diverse cohort of learners, from undergraduates to seasoned executives, earning the Warwick Business School's Excellent Teaching Award on multiple occasions.

Professional Service
Ad Hoc Reviewer: I lend my expertise to a spectrum of top-tier journals.
Editorial Stewardship: As an Editorial Review Board Member for the Journal of Business Research, I contribute to the academic community by ensuring the rigorous scholarship.
Institutional Leadership: Formerly, I represented the marketing group on the Doctoral Programme Committee at Warwick Business School and now co-direct the Centre for Research in Unconventional Innovations (CRUI).

Honors and Distinctions
A snapshot includes:
Best Paper Awards in Customer Engagement, Technology, and Innovation at the AMA and INFORMS conferences.
Recognition as a finalist in the prestigious PDMA Dissertation Competition.
European Consortium of Political Research Scholarships.

Research Interests

Research Interests

I'm fascinated by:
The strategic facets of new product/service development.
The societal tapestry of product adoption and disadoption.
The digital pulse of marketing in the age of social media and big data.

Join My Research Endeavors

Are you fueled by quantitative analysis? Do you have a knack for IT, or access to data resources? Let's collaborate to explore the frontiers of marketing. Together, we can dissect the successes and failures of product innovation, unravel the social dynamics of market adoption, and forge pathways in emerging technologies.

For a detailed overview of my projects, publications, and more, please visit https://www.wbs.ac.uk/about/person/yansong-hu/

Connect With Me
I invite students and scholars alike to join me in this intellectual odyssey. For inquiries or collaborations, reach out at yansong.hu@wbs.ac.uk

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