Explore the wide range of support CareersPlus offers

04 March 2024

Careers Coach, Jeff Slater, shares insights into the wide range of support available from the CareersPlus team.

Hello! I’m Jeff, currently working as a Careers Coach for the Full-time MBA (FTMBA) students at Warwick Business School. This piece is to share a little insight into what the CareersPlus team does and how we support our students. This will have a FTMBA flavour, but there is a lot of crossover in our offering across different programmes at WBS! CareersPlus offers a wide range of benefits to students. Our insights on sectors, careers and tools to support individual development can offer life-long benefits. Plus, don’t forget that you get support as alumni as well! 

Individual Coaching

In CareersPlus, we have teams of Careers Coaches. Note the language here: we are careers coaches, not careers advisors. Our role is to help empower students to make well-informed decisions for themselves as this relates to their careers. Student careers are not just about the next job after their course of study at WBS. Career success is defined by the student, and we are here to support that.

Topics students choose to discuss in coaching appointments may include CV and cover letter proof-reading, but could also include topics like work- (or study!-) life balance, prioritisation, personal values and ethical decision-making. As a Full-time MBA student at WBS, you will have unlimited access to coaching with a member of the WBS team.

We also offer coaching with a sector specialist, particularly in the first term. These sector specialists may be internal or external experts in their field (such as finance, consulting or digital technology).

Workshops & Events

The CareersPlus team collaborates with academics to co-deliver workshops that complement students’ academic learning. One example of this is the LeadershipPlus module in the Full-time MBA programme. Careers coaches facilitate group workshops where students practice leadership skills and develop awareness of both individual strengths and team dynamics. LeadershipPlus is delivered in collaboration with a company called Mindflick who have developed a strengths-based psychometrics tool aimed at fostering high performance. Mindflick’s team of high-performance psychologists have worked with world-leading athletes.

The academic learning students gain at WBS is world-class. We in CareersPlus help students embed that learning through a range of careers workshops and events, supporting them to carry it with them on into their post-WBS careers. Motivations for studying at WBS will likely include improved career prospects, so our collaboration with academics in this area is key.

As well as engaging with our academic colleagues, we also host a wide variety of careers-specific workshops. Topics covered might include:

  • Interview with Impact
  • CVs
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn
  • Inter-cultural communication
  • Development Centres (unique to WBS, these mock assessment centres for students to experience real-life simulation of this recruitment activity.)  

We also provide workshops on wider topics. These include technical skills which are in demand with employers such as:

  • SQL
  • PowerBI (data analysis)
  • Project management
  • Client persuasion

Our Employer Relations team collaborate closely with external organisations to host treks, insights events and networking opportunities. There’s too much to list in a snapshot here!

Online Resources

Students have access to a suite of online resources via CareersPlus. This includes AI-supported software to help students produce high-quality CVs and a whole range of others!

How can participants access the service?

For individual coaching appointments, and many of our events, students can book through our online platform MyAdvantage. my.WBS is the place for students to go for any online resources, and to find out more about CareersPlus! Also, students are welcome to pop into the office (ground floor of the main WBS building, near the north entrance). We may be in student appointments or workshops, but are happy to redirect any questions you have if we are not there to answer them straight away! ?