WBS North America Alumni Network Event: Exploring Generative AI in Finance

24 June 2024

In May, the WBS North America Alumni Network hosted an exciting event in New York City, focusing on the intersection of finance and artificial intelligence. Attended by 50 WBS and Warwick alumni, this gathering marked a significant milestone—the first formal WBS Global Networks event in North America since 2023.

The panel featured a dynamic mix of industry leaders and academic experts:

  • Professor Ram Gopal: Director of the WBS Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology and Professor of Information Systems Management at WBS
  • Amira Youssef: Vice President of Product Management at Sales Hatch and WBS alumna
  • Jeff Stewart: Entrepreneur Co-Founder, Managing Director - Global Public Offering Fund.

Rachel Carroll, Regional Chair of the WBS North America Alumni Network, moderated the discussion. The panellists delved into the fascinating world of generative AI, exploring its applications, challenges, and potential impact on the financial industry.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event:

  • WBS North America Alumni Network Chairs
  • Rachel Carroll, Regional Chair of the WBS North America Alumni Network
  • Professor Ram Gopal
  • Karen Barker, Director of Stakeholder Engagement at WBS
  • Our Panellists
  • Attendees: Thank you for joining us and making this event vibrant and engaging.

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We’re excited to continue growing the WBS North America Alumni Network. Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives!

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