Balancing the Executive Diploma alongside work

14 March 2023

Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science participant, Jordana Bowman, shares how she is balancing life, work commitments and study. 

As someone who is studying for an Executive Diploma in Behavioural Science while working full-time, I can attest to the challenges and rewards of this experience. Balancing work, family, and academics can be difficult, but with careful time management and dedication, it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

To fit a course like this in whilst working, you need to be able to carve out dedicated time for reading, completing assignments, and attending in-person seminars. I have found that setting aside one day each weekend for reading and completing assignments works for me. It’s a big commitment, so making sure you choose a course that you have a genuine interest in really helps with the motivation to do this.

Attending in-person seminars is also an important aspect and one that personally I’ve got a great deal out of. However, it can be challenging to schedule these sessions around work commitments. To overcome this, it’s crucial to communicate with your employer about your education goals and schedule, as well as the benefits this study can bring to your day job. Many employers are supportive of employees who are continuing their education and may be willing to offer flexible work arrangements. For example, I was able to arrange with my employer to take the 12 days of weekday study across the year without needing to use holiday allowance, which allowed me to give my full attention to the programme without sacrificing half of my annual leave for the year.

One of the highlights of this experience has been building relationships with a diverse group of people who share my passion for the subject. Executive education programmes typically bring together individuals from various backgrounds, including different industries and job functions. This provides a great opportunity to network and learn from others who have different experiences and perspectives. These relationships can be valuable both professionally and personally and can provide a sense of community and support as you navigate the challenges of balancing work and education.

I have also particularly enjoyed considering how the topics I am studying can be applicable to my business. The program covers a range of topics related to behavioural science, including motivation, decision-making, and organisational culture. These topics have direct relevance to my career and I am excited to use the knowledge and skills I have gained to make a positive impact on my organization. The module structure encourages participants to share their personal experiences, and each module has a case study-based assignment that prompts you to apply the learnings to a real-world business scenario.

The teaching, support and resources provided by Warwick Business School are world-class, and I have found the program to be a great investment. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge, build relationships, or create value for your organisation, this program is a great choice.

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