"Armed with the essentials of the business world" - Exploring the modules of the MBA programme

25 January 2022

Maya shares her experience on the Global Online MBA programme*, highlighting how the modules have supported in building skills and tools to make sense of the business world.

A year and a half into my MBA, it is difficult to choose my favourite aspect of the course. The flexibility of the learning modality – the fact that I can slow down or even freeze my studies if life gets in the way, gives me a much needed comfort and reassurance that I can do this no matter what. The online camaraderie with fellow students has been extraordinarily helpful, at times touching, and often downright hilarious.

Yet, I chose the Global Online MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) for its academic excellence and strong emphasis on sustainability. And nine modules in the School has not let me down.

Each of the eight core modules added a new piece of the puzzle granting me the understanding, skills, and tools to make sense of the business world. Through applied models, case studies, and problem-solving exercises in individual and group settings I have exploited the various interconnected sub-systems within the business including marketing, innovations, and operations, while always placing the firm in a broader political and socio-economic context. I particularly appreciated the emphasis in each module on the economic logic of sustainability, i.e. how can we make businesses work for people and planet. A sustainability mindset and skillset are a key asset for modern CEOs and in this sense WBS is truly educating the business leader of tomorrow.

Coming from the realms of political science and international relations, I found the economic and financial modules the most interesting and challenging ones of the MBA. Those modules shone a light on a corner of the world that I had never understood and appreciated before. Thanks to “Accounting and Financial Management”** I can confidently assess the financial health of firms and have an informed opinion of their future prospects. The “Economics of Business Environment” module equipped me with skills to interpret company data within a larger set of economic indicators at global and national level. Finally, the module on “Corporate Finance”* (hands down the most difficult module I will ever have to take!) equipped me with tools and approaches to measure, assess, and compare the investment potential of different enterprises and industries.

Armed with the essentials of the business world, I am excited to take my last three elective modules and tailor my competencies to the industries and issues that I would like to engage with following the completion of my MBA, including new venture creation, the energy transition, and creating sustainable organisations. 

I am savouring each moment of my MBA journey, and there is still a lot of value I can draw from the programme in terms of my personal and career development, practical skills and knowledge, and connections to professionals.

An MBA is a hugely disruptive and formative period in the life of each student, and we are lucky to have the experiences and helpfulness of WBS academic, administrative and career support professionals on our side.

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*From May 2022 these modules will be replaced with the following Corporate Reporting and Decision-making and Financial Management.

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