Bridging the gap between a military background and business ambitions

06 February 2024

Armed Forces veteran Joe Pollard shares his experience applying for a Heropreneurs WBS scholarship and subsequently winning a 100% bursary as he looks ahead to starting the Executive MBA programme in September.

Transitioning from military leadership roles to Amazon's dynamic environment has involved constant learning and adaptation. Winning the Heropreneurs bursary for an Executive MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) represents a new chapter where my past experiences will intersect with my aspirations for impactful corporate leadership.

Fortunately, the Heropreneurs bursary emerged as a natural next step in my career, bridging the gap between my military background and future business ambitions. The application and judging processes were rigorous yet reflective, not only evaluating my achievements but also acknowledging my potential for meaningful impact in the business world.

I’m currently part of a small team within Amazon dedicated to creating global expansion opportunities for some of the largest organisations in the world. It’s a challenging role where I’m learning from exceptional people while leveraging the strategic leadership insights I honed in the military.

Looking ahead to the Executive MBA at WBS, I'm eager to immerse myself in the school's diverse learning environment. I anticipate that the programme will broaden my business acumen, challenge my perspectives, and enhance my ability to drive change. The opportunity to learn from a cohort of peers from varied backgrounds is particularly exciting, promising a wealth of new insights and opportunities for growth.

The journey to this pivotal point has been diverse and enriching. The Heropreneurs bursary is not just an award; it's a gateway to furthering my commitment to excellence in the business realm. I am grateful for this opportunity and ready to contribute to and benefit from the WBS community.

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