Building a strategy to support my career goals

20 May 2022

Full-time MBA participant, Akanksha Bisen, shares how the CareersPlus team have supported her in making her next career move and building her professional network. 

Truth be told, we all think about doing an MBA at some point in our careers. Taking a break from your career is never easy. Yet, many aspire to take the plunge to evolve their skill-set and navigate new markets. And the most common searching questions are where and when.

Choosing the Full-Time MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) has been one of the most positively impactful decisions I’ve made so far. Studying at a top university in the UK has exposed me to many accomplished professors, driving my academic experience towards success.

Employability is a huge aspect of any MBA education and learning how to become employable in a new market usually takes time. From the very first month of the MBA, my top priority has been my next professional move. The CareersPlus team at WBS understands that being new to the UK job market can be nerve-racking, especially for international students. Thus, they take great care in ensuring this experience is a smooth ride.

“Most people would like their career to advance but they don't look at the how. Strategy is the how.” - Sarah Jackson (Careers Manager)

Every market is diverse, with varied employment and skill requirements, and the CareersPlus team works with all MBA students to help them improve their employability based on their professional choices.

The best part? On the Full-time MBA, each student can benefit from unlimited one-to-one private sessions with their career coach. 

And, with the help of the CareersPlus team, you can access a multitude of resources and receive ongoing advice on your career development.

It starts with YOU!

The one-year MBA is a very intense course and will invariably keep you on your toes. Over this one year, I have seen my professional interests shift. Initially, this was a challenging thought as I wasn’t aware of how I could leverage my past work experience in a new field of work. However, the well-organised CareersPlus sessions blended with the academic curriculum have kept me on track for my next career choice. The one-to-one sessions with my career coach aided in the development of my professional profile while also catering to my professional curiosity and ambition. This was facilitated by the initial sessions of the CareersPlus programme which helped me realise my goals and the opportunities I wish to pursue upon graduation.

Building a Network

Some of my favourite moments of my MBA so far have been at The Shard, the tallest building in the UK and where WBS has its London base. At The Shard, we’ve had the chance to meet and network with senior representatives from various companies and WBS alumni. These CareersPlus events are extremely beneficial as they allow you to rub elbows with the WBS-MBA network, thereby giving you a foundation to build your private network.  

Furthermore, the visits by industry experts coordinated by CareersPlus enhanced my awareness of the post-pandemic UK market. These industry specialists also educated us on the hidden job market and future firm employment requirements, which assisted me in customising my professional goals for the year.

Job Applications

Getting yourself job-ready while pursuing the MBA is no menial task. The formats and methods for job applications in the UK varies significantly from those in other nations. Fortunately, the CareersPlus team has been accessible to help me with my CV and cover letter through one-to-one appointments, customising them for each job I've applied for. Additionally, the CareersPlus team provides a comprehensive module for developing your career that includes all of the requirements for the job application procedure.

One question that many prospective students have is “Do companies come to WBS for recruitment?” 

The CareersPlus team at Warwick Business School has an extended network of well-established firms that offer senior leadership positions to MBA graduates. These opportunities are made available via the online portal, where you can often find job postings for various profiles across the globe. 

The MBA has been by far the busiest year of my professional life. I often find myself engrossed in case studies, assignments, and classes. Within this immersive learning experience, I find great comfort in the fact that I’ll always have support from WBS with building my professional profile as access to the CareersPlus team extends beyond graduation. I am soon to start my consultancy project with a leading digital consultancy bureau in the UK, which would not have been possible without the CareersPlus team’s ongoing support in keeping me informed and prepared for the opportunity.

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