Fitting an Executive MBA into your work-life balance

11 July 2022

Flexible study formats 

"In choosing an Executive MBA, one of my requirements was the option to extend the study period beyond two years and WBS allows you up to four years to complete the programme. You never know what can happen in life: a new baby in the family, an assignment abroad, a change of work situation or a long-term sickness… all these events can be disruptive but the great thing with WBS is that you get lot of support from the staff and they will always find a way to help you so that you can achieve your goals.

At WBS, there are so many module formats available between the Warwick campus, London base at The Shard and the distance learning format. I have chosen the evening classes at The Shard as it is 10 minutes’ walk from my work in the City. Every Tuesday and Wednesday night we enjoy a great view of London from the 17th floor of the tallest building in the UK. While London Bridge station is right at the bottom of the building, so after the lecture it takes me 5 minutes to jump on my train to go home. I had the desire to be able to spend time with my three kids over the weekends, so this option was ideal for me. If my circumstances change, I know that I also have the option to take the weekend format, distance learning or four days at the Warwick campus."

Quentin Grulois, Executive MBA (London)


Flexible structure and convenient location 

"One of the many factors that led me to choose Warwick Business School for my MBA was the structure and location of the programme. I contemplated the evening format to study, but frequently I am unable to leave work on time and knew my concentration wouldn’t be at its peak at the end of a long day – but everyone has a different style of learning. The weekend format suited me perfectly. Two days to get stuck in with learning with a two week break which gives the opportunity for further reading and to consolidate what you have already learnt. Ideally, it also gives you the ability to reflect on the essay question and pick the Professor’s brains in the second session to make sure you are on the right track."

Beth Kingsley, Executive MBA (London)


Flexible modules and accommodating lecturers 

"Warwick appealed as its London base at The Shard was close to my Farringdon office, and the evening classes could fit in well with my work commitments.

The flexibility that WBS offered to move modules and temporarily pause my studies to make the MBA fit around my life has been fantastic.

Peers in my cohort have also massively benefited from WBS’ increased flexibility, with many opting out of modules to fit into their life events (e.g. supporting the NHS front line, starting a new job or COVID-19 induced home schooling). Some have even moved to the weekend modules (from our evening lectures) as that better suited their timetable.

Lecturers have also been highly accommodating with most replying to last-minute urgent requests about assignments over the weekend, understanding that this is when many of us write our assignments.

Overall, it would not have been possible for me (and many of my cohort) to study an Executive MBA while working unless the course was flexible enough to fit around work and life. I’ve found that it has been possible to balance everything because of the flexibility of the course."

Nick Hodgson, Executive MBA


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