Flexible, well-rounded and diverse: why I chose to study an MBA at WBS

26 July 2021

Finding an MBA to fit in alongside family commitments and a busy work schedule can be challenging, hear why Distance Learning MBA (Warwick) participant, Stellar Chauhan, chose to study at Warwick Business School. 

I have a background in policing with the Metropolitan Police in London, and having relocated with my family to Singapore, I am currently working for NGO’s. I wanted an MBA from a university that would be recognised worldwide and provide me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge. I have two young children at home, so attending a full-time course wasn’t an option for me.

It was important for me to choose a MBA which allowed me to be flexible around my working schedule and children, but was also well rounded. As my work background is a little unconventional, it was great to find a university which prioritised diversity. It has allowed me to connect and network with those from various backgrounds. This has proved to be extremely insightful and given me the ability to work with others from around the world, sharing our experiences and expertise.  

Studying remotely can be isolating, but my current cohort are exceptionally active in group chats! There are multiple group chats via WhatsApp which vary from course information, careers and networking, to groups focused solely on a particular industry such as consulting. This has created a great community feel and that was an important factor for me.

It’s not possible to be an expert in all areas of the MBA, the modules ensure that each subject is comprehensive in content. I found the Accounting and Financial Management module exceptionally challenging and without the help of others on the course, I would’ve struggled. Having a diverse cohort of individuals who are willing to help each other, provides the extra support and comeradery.

There are different ways in which people learn, those considering undertaking an MBA should factor in what method works best for them. Choosing an MBA where the method of delivery simulates being in person was a significant factor in my decision.

The teaching approach at Warwick Business School comprises of online content and materials with the addition of online live lectures. This method allows me to complete the modules at my own pace. If I am unable to attend a live lecture, I have the option of watching the recorded sessions. The online lessons are interactive and the lecturers encourage questions and participation. The assignments set are challenging and draws upon the module content, allowing us to apply methods, frameworks and knowledge.

The two residential weeks provide the level of intensity usually associated with MBA’s. Working on projects in real time has been a valuable experience and I have found those who I have interacted with take the course seriously. The MBA is challenging and demands time and effort, it’s not something that should be taken lightly. When choosing your MBA, it is important to consider the level of commitment you are willing and able to give.

There is ample support at WBS, lecturers are active on the set course activities and encourage discussion. The more time I’ve invested, the better I’ve found the experience. So far, I believe that I have made the correct choice. It has provided me with the flexibility and the challenge I was looking for in an MBA.

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