My experience using my.wbs

03 October 2022

Global Online MBA* participant, Danielle Corby, explores how our online learning platform supported her learning journey. 

Choosing to study an MBA through Warwick’s online format is great for balancing work, family, and academic life. However, I did wonder how easy it would be to engage in the learning experience online and how this would work on a practical level, given that I have always studied through face-to-face teaching.  

The Global Online MBA digital learning platform, my.wbs, has everything you need to get the most out of the course. It is intuitive, easy to navigate and rich in content. From a learning perspective, every module has its own area complete with individual lessons which you can work through in your own time and at your own pace. You can record and monitor progress against each topic, which is a simple but very effective tool in organising and managing workload. I find it very helpful to be able to revisit lessons whenever I need to and refer to previous readings and references.  

The online forums are a great way to engage with other students and the teaching staff. They are especially helpful for asking questions, particularly on assignments. The forums are visible to all students, so they are a key resource for frequently asked questions, common concerns, and guidance. The teaching staff are quick and thorough in their responses and so it is an effective and efficient way to communicate and resolve issues. 

The platform works equally well on mobile devices which means you can easily make use of downtime, such as commuting, to catch up on lessons and reading. The live lectures can be accessed from anywhere although there is no pressure to attend because everything is recorded and available to watch at your own convenience. There is facility to interact with other students during the live lessons which makes them engaging and interactive.  

Beyond the learning content, there is lots of information and links to useful resources, including careers and job boards, community, and professional networking events. It’s quick and easy to link your personal schedule contained in the platform to your local calendar. I rarely use email because everything I need to know can be accessed or asked via the platform.  

The quality and depth of the learning platform is a major part of what makes the Global Online MBA programme so enjoyable and engaging. Whilst it doesn’t reduce the workload, it certainly makes the learning process more manageable and flexible. With everything available online, you can easily catch up, especially after periods when professional or family commitments take priority. This has been a real benefit to me and remains one of the most important benefits of the programme.

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*Our Distance Learning MBA has a new name - the Global Online MBA.

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