How to fit an MBA into your busy life

18 July 2022

Flexibility is a key feature of the Warwick Business School Global Online MBA*, as it allows you to fit your studies around work, family and life commitments. Through online learning, you can study wherever you want, whenever you want, and select modules that fit in with your schedule. Read below to see how the flexibility of the programme benefitted candidates.


Fitting my studies around work and children

It was important for me to choose a MBA which allowed me to be flexible around my working schedule and children, but was also well rounded. As my work background is a little unconventional,  it was great to find a university which prioritised diversity. It has allowed me to connect and network with those from various backgrounds. This has proved to be extremely insightful and given me the ability to work with others from around the world, sharing our experiences and expertise. 

Studying remotely can be isolating, but my current cohort are exceptionally active in group chats! There are multiple group chats via WhatsApp which vary from course information, careers and networking, to groups focused solely on a particular industry such as consulting. This has created a great community feel and that was an important factor for me.” - Stellar Chauhan, Distance Learning MBA (Warwick)


Studying at my own pace

“The flexibility of the learning modality – the fact that I can slow down or even freeze my studies if life gets in the way, gives me a much needed comfort and reassurance that I can do this no matter what. The online camaraderie with fellow students has been extraordinarily helpful, at times touching, and often downright hilarious.

Armed with the essentials of the business world, I am excited to take my last three elective modules and tailor my competencies to the industries and issues that I would like to engage with following the completion of my MBA, including new venture creation, the energy transition, and creating sustainable organisations.” - Maya Valcheva, Distance Learning MBA


Choosing face-to-face and online learning

“Another element of flexibility is being able to switch to studying a face-to-face module, where available, which is taught in a physical location over a set number of days. I have made use of this for three modules so far, in Dubai, Beijing and later in the year in Silicon Valley. Add in the London-based Warwick Weeks, and this has been a truly global MBA but on my terms. By electing to sit these modules face to face, I have enabled myself to focus on one distance learning module at a time, set over three months, complimented by a second intensive five-day face to face module in the same period.

By keeping this pace, I will have completed the course in the two years that I set out to achieve it in. However, I know I also have the ability to space the modules out a little more should life get too busy. Some of my friends have done just this, deferring modules to a third year to allow them to focus on one module at a time.” - Graham Alltoft, Distance Learning MBA (London)


Balancing an MBA with other life commitments

“At its core, the Distance Learning MBA has provided me the right level of flexibility to focus on my MBA and build my consultancy alongside it. With a little organisation, I have been able to get through the key stages of the MBA alongside starting a business and building key networks, whilst making a life in a new city.

Yet what is undeniable, is that underpinning our varied approaches is the flexible nature of the Distance Learning MBA and the digital platform it is delivered through. It seamlessly fits around your life. Whether reading course texts before breakfast, watching live lessons in a Lagos café, or interacting with course tutors and colleagues through the engaging lesson content late at night, mostly I have the flexibility not to make unnecessary sacrifices in other parts of my life.” - Ned Lamb, Distance Learning MBA


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*Our Distance Learning MBA has a new name - the Global Online MBA.