"Never leave home without your coat" My experience moving to Coventry for the Full-time MBA

31 May 2022

Full-time MBA participant Roli Esisi shares her experience moving from Nigeria and living on campus at the University of Warwick.

On the 3rd of October 2021, it was 32 degrees in Nigeria. My family and I were all set to move to Coventry and to the world of the University of Warwick. A jacket seemed like a great idea, but little did we realise it would become a standard feature in our wardrobe, requiring us to master the act of removing and putting it on several times during the day depending on where we go.

The first lesson began when we stepped out of the plane, and the gushing wind hit our faces. I checked the weather app and realised that it was seven degrees. My daughter worriedly asked if it was always this cold. Thinking to myself, I couldn’t remember it being this cold from all our holidays. I responded, “Yeah! Just put on your coat you will be fine!”.

Many months later, I have realised you need many things but it’s important to remember "never leave home without your coat". My classmate was the one who that told me one of the things you will have to learn very quickly is how to take off your coat and then put it on again. You may take it off because it is too hot and realise it is cold just a few moments later. So, a warm winter coat, a nice pair of gloves, and a scarf are a worthy investment, especially in December.

Living on the university campus has been a great experience. It has been one of the many highlights of my stay in Coventry. You might wonder why, but I am the real definition of an extroverted introvert. So, you would see me jump, shout, engage, and sometimes, rarely, I would retreat. Therefore, staying on campus, literally a stone's throw from the business school, in a beautiful cottage overlooking the woods allowed me to engage and withdraw when I needed to.

I underestimated the impact of the cold on studying, as well as the influence of dawn and dusk hours on sleep, and I had to learn the hard way. I slept more on colder days and less on warmer days in the autumn. This impacted me since I had no idea what was wrong until I had a eureka moment.

Being a mother also meant I had two crucial responsibilities: feeding and engaging my children, especially because they are at an age where they grow bored and turn to social media. I discovered Allesley Park, a lovely park 10 minutes from my house. The warmth of the sun and the calm breeze from the trees provide the perfect blend for a time out in the autumn. Coventry City Center provided all my favourite Nigerian food items, which was fantastic. The other groceries were an easy find at the Cannon Park shopping centre. Also, in the City Center, I spotted the Odeon cinema. That was an excellent find and is where we often hang out.

To be honest, the town is one of the easiest places to adapt to even with children but then again, maybe I am ambidextrous who knows. All in all, moving to Coventry from Nigeria has been an exciting experience. I have learned so much not just about the courses in the MBA but about the town of Coventry. Last but not least, is the beautiful Cathedral that was bombed many years ago in the war. Visiting the beautiful ruins and standing at the center, my heart was drawn-out to all those suffering in war-torn countries. I had the opportunity to say a few words in my heart and under my breath that the time will come in the no distant future when they have peace again.

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