Reflections on Completion of an Executive MBA at Warwick Business School

21 June 2023

Hugo Deed, an alum of the Executive MBA (London) and Heropreneurs WBS Bursary awardee, highlights how the knowledge acquired during the programme has significantly influenced his approach to tackling business challenges.

I completed my Executive MBA over two years, graduating in 2022, and I look back on it with fond memories. It wasn't easy, but it was certainly worth it! On reflection, there are three key areas where my MBA studies have shaped how I approach business challenges.

The first is strategic thinking. Before the Executive MBA, although I recognised the importance of long-term strategy in making decisions, I needed more tools to apply it consistently. Throughout the course, my colleagues and I were constantly reminded to look at multifaceted business problems from different perspectives. This way of thinking has since become engrained and has helped me confidently work through complex commercial challenges.

The second great habit that the MBA has imparted is the importance of applying a data-driven approach to decision-making when possible. By leveraging available data to make decisions, I can challenge my assumptions, better anticipate future trends, and take advantage of opportunities that are not easily spotted.

Third, my time with WBS gave me the confidence to tackle my weaknesses. For example, I was uncomfortable with financial analysis before starting the program. The program helped me to develop my skills in this area. As a result, I now actively seek out challenges that allow me to test myself in this area.

Aside from the curriculum and teaching, my MBA colleagues were also hugely important in making the overall journey and learning experience so enjoyable. I was part of a tight-knit cohort. We all had different backgrounds and experiences but were united in improving ourselves and our businesses. We shared our experiences and ideas and supported each other through the program's challenges. We formed strong relationships with each other, and many of us remain in touch.

Since graduating from Warwick Business School in 2022, I have joined a Land Development and Renewable Energy business. They are pioneering in what they do and provide genuinely innovative solutions to the climate challenge by creating sustainable communities from the ground up. This has been a significant and positive change in my career direction and has been extremely rewarding, professionally and personally. I am fortunate enough to have been given significant responsibility since joining this dynamic and forward-thinking company. This has been great, and I regularly draw on the skills taught to me at WBS to make better decisions, develop strategies, and solve complex problems. As a result, I am passionate about my work and am making a valuable contribution to the industry.

For those that are motivated and looking to challenge themselves while simultaneously boosting their career prospects, I wholeheartedly recommend an MBA with Warwick Business School. And for those from the wider military community who are reading this and fit the criteria, there is no reason why you should not apply for the Heropreneurs Warwick Business School Award.

WBS is delighted to be sponsoring the Heropreneurs 2023 Awards. The winner of the WBS Award will receive a 100% bursary to study one of our MBA or Executive Diploma programmes, while the runner-up will be awarded a substantial 75% bursary, and the third-place contender will receive a generous 50% bursary.

Applications to apply for a 2023 WBS Heropreneurs Bursary Award is Sunday 30th July. For more information, please visit the Heropreneurs website.

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