What I wish I had known before starting the Full-time MBA programme

10 October 2022

Making a change and taking your next steps with a Full-time MBA can be a big decision. Hear from our 2021 Full-time MBA cohort as they share their advice and insight on what they wish they had known before starting the programme.


Be open to new experiences, ideas and opinions

“As in any journey, starting prepared will allow you to take the most out of it. So let me share a couple of things I wish I had known before I started the Full-time MBA programme.

It is mostly about being open. Being as open to listening to everyone's ideas and opinions as you are to sharing yours. Being open to learn from different backgrounds, industries, generations, experience levels and cultures. This truly is about finding people that think outside the box, your box.

Be open to making friends, not casual friends, not job connections, but long-lasting friendships that you will continue after this journey. Enjoy every social moment and open yourself to your cohort. I have made some of my closest friends during the MBA.

Be open to networking in events and make the most out of the personalised Career Coaches from the start; now that I have finished, I know how crucial they are when preparing for job applications.” Marco Luna Straffon


Be prepared and start to think about the future

“There are three things I wish I knew before commencing my MBA programme. To begin, knowledge of current industry and technology trends, particularly in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States is crucial. Much of the study material and discussions are presented in the context of these regions, so by staying updated with developments in these areas, you will connect to the issue and grasp the concepts much faster.

Second, knowing your desired career path after graduation can help you to concentrate on what you aspire to gain from the course, although not everyone comes in knowing what they want! Throughout your MBA, you will have numerous opportunities to improve your preferred skill sets, whether through electives, study trips, extracurricular activities, and so on. There are often time constraints, so you must be selective. Understanding what you truly want to pursue can allow you to efficiently organise yourself toward the subject or topic that best meets your needs.

Finally, mentally preparing for a busy schedule is essential. You will be expected to multitask. There is no doubt about it. Attending class, working on individual assignments, participating in the syndicate for your group presentation, attending career sessions, and looking for jobs all at the same time were all part of this.” Thanit Dangmas


Top tips for travel and the best running locations on campus

Apart from studying, you should always spare time to wind down with hobbies and activities. I'm an outdoor runner but I discovered some wonderful running tracks during my MBA. The two I would recommend to any other keen runners are can be found near the back of the Cryfield Village accommodation and Tocil wood near the medical school.

Get a railcard! There will be opportunities to go to London for events at The Shard so getting a railcard is a great way to save on travel. Plus, if you’re travelling around Coventry by bus, try to schedule it after 6pm as you are then able to get a group ticket for only £4! All you need to do is find five people from your cohort and you are good to go.

When it comes to picking your elective class, I would recommend Entrepreneurial Finance, as for me it was the right combination of group work and assignment. The module also provided the perfect blend of perspectives from angel investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, don't forget to cherish every moment of the year because time flew by so fast. The MBA was one of the best years of my life!Pimpraphon Thongprasert


Protecting your energy - keeping positive and productive

“The Full-time MBA is a fun and exciting journey, the energy of MBA comes to us from all different directions throughout every day. As members of the cohort we also create our own energy as well, both positive and negative. The impact of negative energy can cause stress, so you will need to learn how to deal with it and how to transform those energies.

During your MBA journey you will need to look after your energy and delegate it towards a direction that is helpful and positive. 

Here is my advice based on my own experience

  1. Get a whiteboard, write down the next day’s plan by end of every day
  2. Exercise as long as you can, you really need it
  3. Get enough sleep – but make time to party too!
  4. Start networking and market research from January. If you want to start your career or your own business in the UK, LinkedIn is indeed a good place to network, especially with WBS alumni. People tend to be very helpful, don’t be afraid to reach out to them and build connections
  5. Start your dissertation six months before the deadline; if you are going back to your loved country, or extending your study overseas, you will have some time for yourself to take care of your end of MBA stuff, such as moving out from campus, travelling, get ready for another study trip etc.
  6. Talk to people when you need help, in any aspect, you are not alone.

Finally, this is your year, make the most of it, and at the same time, make the balance of it too.” Angel Zhou


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